The Elmwood Project

Elm WoodThe Elmwood Project is a collaborative venture between CRYSTAL—Alberta and the Edmonton Public School Board. Its purpose is to provide evaluative information on science trade books that connects to the Alberta program of study for elementary science.

The partnership began in 2007 with Elmwood School, a Science Alternative school within the Edmonton Public School Board. Elmwood School’s focus on science inquiry and the way language is used in science dovetails with the goals of CRYSTAL—Alberta.

We examined science trade books from the Elmwood school library. The books were evaluated according to their potential to foster scientific vocabulary and science inquiry. A searchable database is under development. To visit the Elmwood database, click here.

Published work from the project can be found in:

Yacoubian, H., Hur, S.J., Lei, Y., Freed, C., Phillips, L.M., & Norris, S.P. (2011). Teaching scientific inquiry using science tradebooks. Alberta Science Education Journal, 41(1), pp. 16-21.

Lei, Y., Yacoubian, H., Hur, S.J., Freed, C., Norris, S.P., & Phillips, L.M. (2011). Fostering scientific vocabulary learning: A close look at science trade books in K-6 classrooms. Alberta Science Education Journal, 41(1), pp. 31-37.