Edmonton Health and Counselling Psychology Residency Consortium (EHCPRC)


The Edmonton Cross-Speciality Psychology (EHCRP) Residency Consortium is located within the greater area of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada – a large city with a metropolitan population of over 1.4 million people. Edmonton is the fifth largest city in Canada and is situated in central Alberta along the North Saskatchewan River.

The ECPRC is delighted to offer a clinical and counselling psychology internship training program that is hosted by The University of Alberta, Millard Health (WCB Alberta), the YWCA Edmonton, and Cross Cancer Institute (Alberta Health Services). Our main areas of training focus on clinical and counselling psychology across the lifespan, including specialized training in interventions, formal assessment, and health psychology.

There are five primary training tracks:

  • Adult - Health, Clinical and Counselling Psychology. The Cross Cancer Institute (AHS) residency position focuses on both health psychology and counselling/clinical psychology.

  • Adult - Health, Clinical and Counselling Psychology. Millard Health (WCB) offers a residency position that focuses on health psychology (including work focused rehabilitation), counselling/clinical psychology as well as general/formal assessment.

  • Lifespan - Clinical and Counselling Psychology. The YWCA residency position focuses exclusively on clinical and counselling training. This training position offers skill development in working with individuals across the lifespan, though typically from adolescence onward.

  • Lifespan - Clinical and Counselling Psychology. The University of Alberta offers one residency position that primarily focuses on counselling/clinical psychology as well as formal assessment training. This training position offers skill development in working with individuals across the lifespan including children.

  • Early Lifespan – School and Child Clinical Psychology. The University of Alberta offers one residency position that primarily focuses on skill development in the areas of school and child clinical psychology. This training position offers skill development in working with individuals from early childhood to early adulthood (25 years of age or younger). This position also offers formal assessment training as it relates to school and child clinical psychology.

Our training program takes place over the course of 12 months from September to August and includes a minimum of 2000 hours of training. These minimums aim to meet the registration requirements for the College of Alberta Psychologists as well as other jurisdictions in Canada.

EHCPRC Policies & Procedures Handbook 2022-2023