Doctoral Program

The School & Clinical Child Psychology Program (SCCP) is based on a scientist-practitioner model of psychological training. The specific mission of the SCCP program is to provide students with theoretical foundations, research, and professional training preparation for psychological work with children, adolescents, and families in school, clinical & other community settings.

Admission Requirements

The PhD program is a full-time program designed to build upon the training received through the Master's program in SCCP at the University of Alberta. As such, applicants who are not graduates of our Master's program are expected to have an equivalent background. Therefore, students applying for the Doctoral Program in SCCP must have:

  1. obtained a four-year baccalaureate degree in psychology or education, or its equivalent;
  2. obtained a Master's degree in School and Clinical Child Psychology, or its equivalent;
  3. completed a half-year graduate course (or six credits of senior undergraduate coursework in each of the following:
    • biological bases of behaviour (e.g., physiological, comparative, neuropsychology, sensation, psychopharmacology),
    • cognitive-affective bases of behaviour (e.g. learning, sensory, perception, cognition, thinking, motivation, emotion),
    • social bases of behaviour (e.g. social psychology; cultural, ethnic, and group processes; sex roles; organizational and systems theory),
    • individual differences (e.g. personality theory, human development, individual differences, abnormal psychology);
  4. completed at least:
    • two courses in psychometrics and/or psychological assessment,
    • one half-year course in scientific and professional ethics,
    • one half-year course in research methods,
    • one half-year course in intervention or consultation;
  5. completed a minimum of 500 hours of supervised experience in psychological assessment, intervention and any other school and/or clinical child psychology practicum.
  6. provide a statement of intent answering the following three questions:
    • How have your professional experiences prepared you for a doctoral program that specializes in both school and clinical child psychology
    • How have your previous research experiences prepared you for advanced research (doctoral) program focusing on a scientist-practitioner model?
    • What research would you like to undertake during your doctoral degree and which identified faculty member has preliminary agreed to consider taking you on for supervision should you meet all the admission requirements and get an offer of admission. Please refer to potential supervisors from the Faculty listed here

Exceptional applicants, on the basis of previous academic record, academic background in area of interest, relevant experience, letters of recommendation, and statement of intent, who do not meet all of criteria 3, 4 or 5 above may be admitted into the Program on the condition that they complete any deficiencies in addition to the required courses.

Program Requirements

Students are required to be in full-time residency for 3 years and maintain full-time registration throughout their program. Due to the intensive nature of the practicum requirements associated with the SCCP program, students may not register for two SCCP practicum courses (denoted with a P) in the same term. Finally, students must also pass an oral candidacy examination, conduct dissertation research; and write and defend a dissertation.

The Doctoral Program in School & Clinical Child Psychology consists of the following courses: (P) indicates a practicum course, * indicates number of credits per course

Year 3 (Year 1 and 2 completed at the Masters level)

  • EDPY 640 Developmental Psychopathology (*3)
  • EDPY 641 Advanced Assessment (*3)
  • EDPY 645 SCCP School Practicum Placement (*6 full year) P

Year 4

  • EDPY 614 Social and Emotional Development (*3)
  • EDPY 643 Child & Adolescent Therapy & Intervention (*3) P
  • EDPY 647 SCCP Clinical Practicum Placement (*6 full year) P
Note: The following courses are offered on a rotation (i.e., every other year) and, therefore, need to be taken in Year 3 or Year 4, depending on their availability.
  • EDPY 601 Advanced Doctoral Research Seminar (*3)
  • EDPY 605 Quantitative Methods II (*3)
  • EDPY 632 History & Systems in Psychology (*3)
  • EDPY 644 Consultation and Evaluation in School & Clinical Child Psychology (*3)

Year 5

  • EDPY 650 School & Clinical Child Psychology Internship (*3)
  • THE 919 Completion of Thesis Research (*9)



Students in the doctoral SCCP program must successfully complete a 1600 hour internship. Students are urged to participate in the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC) matching process. Prior to applying for internship, students are encouraged to complete their doctoral candidacy exam. Prior to commencing the internship, students must complete all required coursework and their doctoral candidacy exam. Students are also encouraged to have their dissertation research proposal approved prior to commencing the internship. Students who wish to apply to a non-accredited internship outside of the APPIC matching process must submit an acceptable training plan to the Internship Training Committee that details how the proposed placement is equivalent to an accredited program.

Program Statistics

Please refer to the SCCP program brochure for an overview of the program description, requirements, faculty profiles & program statistics.


The Ph.D. program in School & Clinical Child Psychology is accredited by the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA). The current accreditation term is 5 years and the next site visit is due in 2023-2024.

Canadian Psychological Association
141 Laurier Ave. W., Suite 702
Ottawa, ON
Canada, K1P 5J3
Telephone: 1-888-472-0657
You can also visit the CPA website

SCCP Program Brochure