TESL Students' Capping Projects

For a detailed description of the projects listed below, please view Capping Projects in TESL


Raghda Abdelqader
Strategies for Heritage Language Maintenance and Raising Bilingual Children: A Guide for Arabic-Speaking Parents 

Fariha Asif     
Reducing Students’ Ambivalence towards Self-Assessment in Portfolio-Based Language Assessment 

Kaiwen Chen
Apps Unwrapped: A Study Regarding MALL’s Contribution to the Intermediate-Level Adult ESL Learners’ Oral Fluency

Silvia Fernandez
Scaffolding Rubrics in Argumentative Essays to Assist First Year Hispanic EAP Students in Developing their Academic Writing Outside the Classroom

Shona Nichols
Assessing the Emerging Reading Skills of Adult ESL Literacy Learners in Task-Based Instruction      

Anshu Sharma
Integrating Data-Driven Learning in ESL LINC Classrooms

Arash Shojaie
Tailoring Oral Corrective Feedback for Second Language Pronunciation

 May Yeung    
The Model Minority and Culturally Responsive Teaching in the EAP Setting


Wynne Bugatan
Promoting Critical Digital Literacy in EAP

Leyla Mete Celik
Exploring L2 Listening Instruction in Academic Contexts

Teea Gergely
What Can Positive Psychology Offer Second Language Instructors?

Daniel Green
Implementing Varying Feedback Modalities into a LINC Classroom: An Instructor’s Exploratory Practice Discussion

Caitlyn Luchak
The Challenge of Meeting the Needs of ELLs in Alberta’s Schools: Is SIOP the Answer?

Shiran Wang
Research-Supported Techniques for Oral Fluency Development


Frankie Ning Chen

Increasing Willingness to Communicate Among Mandarin L1 Speaking International Students Via Drama


Mariano A. Gigena-Kazimierczak

Pronoun Use in LGBTQ+ Patient Interaction: Awareness-Raising for Internationally Educated Nurses


Tara Penner

Self-Regulated Learning Strategies, Portfolio-Based Language Assessment, and Literacy Learners


Julie Robinson

Humour Stories as Pleasure Reading for English as a Second Language Emergent Readers


Zahida Sharmin

Phrasal Verbs in Ted Talks: A Corpus Analysis



Lindsay Clark
Pronunciation for Specific Purposes: A Self-Directed Guide for Business Bankers

Neweleen Co
Teaching Formulaic Sequences Through Song Using Online Resources

Mina Haghighatshahmarasi
Listen to the Grammar: A Focus on Modal Verbs in English

Hanh Nguyen
Building Digital Skills for Intermediate ESL Learners

Breanna Staden
Incorporating Intercultural Communicate Competencies into the Mainstream Elementary Social Studies Classroom

Tammy Wells
Teaching Listening to Adult ESL Literacy Learners: Best Practices for Literacy Instructors

Lorie White
Clarifying the Passive Voice for ESL Instructors and Students


Meghan Gordon
A Spoonful of Humor Helps the Grammar Go Down

Ardis Kolot
Learner Autonomy and Portfolio-Based Language Assessment (PBLA): Bridging the Gap between Theory and Implementation

 Lasha MacQuarrie
An Analysis of the Metalanguage Used in ESL Textbook Explanations of the English Article System

 Justin Mikkelsen
Approaches to Enhancing Listening Strategy Instruction in the English for Academic Purposes Classroom

 Gregory Russell
Is it a Task? An Analysis of Communicative Activities in Integrated ESL Textbooks

 Olivia Wall
Understanding Compassion Fatigue and Promoting Resilience: Strategies for Adult ESL Literacy Instructors


Amy Abe
ESL Instructor Knowledge and Beliefs: Moving Toward Indigenization

Gavin Babstock
Addressing Barriers to Learning Caused by Psychological Trauma in Adult ESL Students: Applications for the Classroom

Kathy (Kyoungsun) Kim
Language Assessment Practices in LINC Foundations Using ESL for Adult Literacy Learners (ALL)

Kristina Lysova
'Is it okay if I work alone?': Encouraging Peer-to-Peer Cooperativeness to Improve Oral Production in an ESL Classroom

Olena Motuz
Explaining the Meaning of Modal Verbs: An Analysis of ESL Grammar Textbooks

Lauren Rudat
Bridging Learner and Instructor Beliefs: A Task-based Module for Learning about Second Language Acquisition

Robin Woodruff
Supporting Teachers to Recognize and Incorporate an Ethno-Relative Perspective


Moncef Abbassi
Canadian Short Stories to Teach Language and Culture to Advanced Adult ESL Learners

Amanda Cameron
Community Programming for Adult ESL Learners

Sami Ghariani
Enhanced Vocabulary Use in ESL Speaking Activities

Tabitha Gillman
An Analysis of Present Perfect Timelines in ESL Textbooks

Monica McFadzean
Supporting ESL Literacy Students with Learning Difficulties

Oksana Oleksyn
Using Web Resources to Enhance L2 Listening Comprehension

Galyna Ozarko
Individualizing Grammar Instruction: Mission Possible?

 Elina Stop
Analysis of Vocabulary Frequency in ESL Textbooks

Eunice Tham
Incorporating Self-Assessment into EAP Writing Instruction

Yitao Wang
Developing Language Support Materials for LING 101: Using the Adjunct Model


Agnieszka Ansel
Integrating grammar into a CLB lesson

Ridha Atioui
Fluency-enhancing activities in EFL textbooks

Nguyen Huong
Product versus process approaches to listening instruction

Janet Kwong
Using video excerpts to teach pragmatics in ESL classrooms

Achsah Lionel
Teaching culture in the academic English classroom

Maria Rombalskaya
Teaching comprehension of implied meaning


Anne Chandler
Teaching and learning articles in ESL.

Brenda Chwyl
Linking grammar to CLB-based materials:

Irina Krasnikova
Film as a source of authentic material in teaching ESL writing

Stacy Norrbom
ESL learner attitudes toward sexual minority identities

Deborah Ricketts
Analysis of tasks and activities in ESL pronunciation texts

Jacob Scheffer
How does video captioning improve ESL listening comprehension?

Laurie Scheffer
Using NFB shorts in the ESL classroom

Jacqueline Werstiuk
The feedback on feedback. Has research influenced pedagogy?


Kim Chaba
Mentoring for instructors of adult ESL

Bonnie Dawson
ESL students' attitudes about their accents and implications for instructors

Rosalea Elliot
How well do popular adult ESL materials provide pragmatic knowledge learning opportunities?

Monica Fraser
The use of portable e-readers in an ESL extensive reading program

Amie Gondziola
Inductive consciousness-raising tasks: Learning the meaning and use of the present perfect

Evelyn Neame
Teaching listening effectively in ESL classrooms

Leah Sallis
The use of "Discover Canada" in LINC classrooms

Krista Schwabl
A case study exploring perceptions of paraphrasing


Bickley, Celeste
Instructors' perceptions of intercultural communicative competence in the ESL classroom

Kushnir, Andrea
Teaching vocabulary: ESL instructors' beliefs and practices

Ripley, Daniel
Implementing portfolio-based language assessment in Edmonton LINC programs: Benefits and challenges


Court, Sheila
Factors Affecting Refugee Youths' Academic Success: A Review of the Literature

Howden-Weaver, Lori
Holistically Supporting Refugee and Immigrant Youth in Education: An Interdisciplinary Literature Review for Educators

Keaschuk, Anna
Is There a Match Between Adult ESL Literacy Instructors' Needs and Published Materials?

Lokhorst, Janice
The English as a Second Language Needs of Temporary Foreign Workers in Alberta

Munro, Barbara Jill
Mentoring Teachers: Accommodated Science Assessment for English Language Learners (ELLs)


Brose, Anne Marie
More Than Just Surviving - Thriving: International ESL Students' Perceptions of What is Needed for Successful Adjustment

Diepenbroek, Lori
Pragmatics in the ESL Classroom

Holtby, Amy
The Effect of Age and Exposure in the Development of L2 Accent Perception

Mah, Eaman
Recognition of Pragmatic Versus Grammatical Errors in a L2

Nickle, Kathleen
The Mother Tongue as a Resource: Teacher Perspectives from the Multilingual ESL Classroom


Chrzanowski, Blase
The Newspaper: A Formidable Vehicle for ESL Learning?

Lee, Kent
Are ESL Students Using Facebook?

Louw, Kerry
Pragmatics in the Workplace: The Job Interview

Nessim, Lesli
Investigating the Role of English Language Classes for Seniors

Nicholas, Bonnie
Learners' Stories in the ESL Classroom

Schiff, Sari S.
The Power of Ethnic Literature to Foster Cultural Awareness of Diversity Among Pre-Service Teachers

Stephan, Sabine
English as a Second Language Students' and Teachers' Perceptions of Master Teaching


Amini, Rozita
Developing Learner Autonomy in the ESL Classroom

Brosha, Rayleen
Teachers' and Students' Preferences for Error Correction

Clingwall, Dion
Small Talk in ESL Nursing Textbooks

Dumas, Jacqueline
The Erasure of Sexual Identity in the LINC Classroom

Durette, Elaine
"Does that Work for You?" Analysis of Reciprocal Information Gap Task

Fredricks, Joyanne
Using Children's Literature to Teach Culture in the Adult ESL Classroom

Holtby, Bonnie
Teaching EAP Students How to Write with Academic Integrity

Lo, Denise
Strengthening the Form-Meaning Connection in Grammar Instruction

Mansour, Leila
The Influence of a Culturally Sensitive Workshop on the Involvement of Arab Mothers in their Children's Schooling

Song, Kyesuk
Exploring the Relationship between Willingness to Communicate and Students' Perceived Oral Fluency during Studying Abroad

Waugh, Erin H.
Teaching Grammar within the Canadian Language Benchmarks: A Study of Teachers' Beliefs and Practices

Zinyemba, Maroro
Reading Topics for Adult Immigrant English as a Second Language Learners: How to Get Them Hooked


Gratton, Cara
Effects of Cloze-Talks on Grammatical Accuracy in Adult ESL Writing

Kodama, Yasuaki
Japanese Students' Contact with Native English Speakers during a Study Abroad Experience

Oswald, Suzanne
"I Prefer to Take from the Teacher": ESL Students' Comprehension of Grammar Charts

Weber, Dorte
Survey of Assessment Practices in General ESL Programs in Alberta


Alkhalaf, Khalid K.
The Comprehension of Hedges and Boosters in Academic Texts by Arabic Speaking EFL Students

Allen, Lorna
Monolingual or Bilingual: Which Dictionary is Best for Which Level?

Baker, Sheila E.
Computer-Based Vocabulary Expansion in Adult ESL Programs: Exploring the Lexical Tutor

Baxter, Kim
L2 Reading Parameters in Literacy Tutor Training Handbooks

Edmondson, Barbara
Do Adult Immigrants Discriminate against Each Other in Edmonton ESL Classrooms?

Felkowsky, Wendy-Ann
Adapting Instruction for ESL Students Enrolled in a Health Care Aide Program

Fleming, Jason
Reading Differences between Native Speakers and Language Learners: An Eye-Movement Study

Foote, Jennifer A.
ESL Students' Perceptions of their Own Recorded Speech

Hoots, Ryan
Teaching Collocation Activities in English for Academic Purposes

Jones, Vivienne
A Guide to Using Webcomics for Language Learning

Kragler, Ulrike
Using Consciousness-Raising Tasks for Low Proficiency ESL Learners

McCargar, Julie
How Extensive Is It? An Examination of the Current Practices and Beliefs of ESL Teachers Regarding Extensive Reading.

Oden, Bryant
English as the Language of Scientific Research: The International Graduate Student Perspective

Razavi, Nikta
Afghan Parents' Participation in their Children's Schooling in Canada


Bennett, Karen
English as a Second Language Learners with Learning Disabilities: Strategies for Instructions and Strategies for Learning

Harasymuk, Patrece A.
Long Distance Relationships: Delivering an Effective Online Writing Course for Advanced ESL Learners

Light, Justine
English as a Second Language Teachers' Confidence about Teaching Grammar

Manimtim, Linda
Great Expectations: Community Participation and Francophone Immigrants' Expectations, Experiences, and Beliefs


Fang, Ding
The Challenge of Promoting Speaking Fluency in English as a Foreign Language Instruction in China

Navarro, Tamara
English 101 Instructor's Perceptions Regarding ESL Students' Critical Thinking Skills

Ringuette, Nicole F.
Advising International Graduate Students to Maximize their Language Learning Autonomy

Stancliff, Amy
L1 Reading in Family Literacy Programs

Wilson, Ken
Teachers' Perceptions of Factors that Influence Seniors' L2 Acquisition


Drummond, Hadija
The Beliefs and Experiences of Chinese Language Learners

Dudley, Lesley
Integrating Volunteering into the Adult Immigrant Second Language Experience

Hoy, Jason
The Use of Computer-mediated Communication in Foreign Language Courses

Ko, Young Mi
"Goose Dad" and "Eagle Mom": Korean Parents' Perceptions about Second Language Acquisition as Sojourners in Canada

Lambertson, Cynthia
Understanding the Recertification Process for Foreign-Trained K-12 Teachers in Alberta

Luikham, Melody A.
The Host Families' Perspective

McLean, Terence
Giving Students a Fighting Chance: Pragmatics in the Language Classroom

Suddaby, Sara
University Administered Programs and Student Groups as Linguistic and Cultural Resources for International Students

Tan, Xuan
Building an Online Evaluation for the TESL Practicum

Thompson, David
Using Poetry in the ESL Class


Capune, Anne M.
Benchmarking Film and Literature Content for Use with Stage II of the Canadian Language Benchmarks

Changarathil, Robin A.
A Workshop on Web-Based Activities and Language Learning

Conquest, Jeffrey P.
Authenticity in ESL Textbooks

Myhre, Peter J.
Dealing with Disruptive Learner Behavior in the Adult ESL Classroom

Josey, Shelley J.
Into the Research Jungle... an Adventure in Classroom-based Research on Metaphor Competency

Elvina, Denise
Portfolio Assessment in Adult ESL Classrooms


Breitkreutz, Judith A.
Corrective Feedback in an ESL Writing Class - A Matter of Choice: A Classroom-Based Research Project

Michaels, Deanna
Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition: A Review of the Literature

Thomson, Ron
Some Obstacles to Adjustment and Coping Strategies of International Students at the University of Alberta

Scott, Shirley A.
Instructor Computer Training and Computer Use in the Adult ESL Classroom


Cleven, Lara
Pragmatic Competence in a Second Language: The Case of Electronic Mail

Floden, Leanne D.
Field Trips in Edmonton for ESL: Free and Low Cost Ways to Learn in Edmonton

Fredrickson, Norma J.
Perceptual Learning Styles and their Implications for Second Language Learners and Teachers

Lee, Sunah
Using the World Wide Web to Teach Culture in an English as a Foreign Language Classroom

Millard, Derrick
Form-focused Instruction: Implications for Grammar Textbooks


Abbott, Marilyn
Music as an Educational Resource in the Adult ESL Classroom: Guidelines, Resources and Activities

Albayati, Jihan
EFL and Culture in Arab Gulf Countries

Chipouline, Dina
"The Images of Us and Them" Cultural Content in Foreign -Published Grammar Textbooks

Garinger, Dawn
ESL Textbook Evaluation

Jang, Luke
Perceptions and Problems of Adult Korean ESL Visa Students in Edmonton

Schoepp, Kevin
The Use of Popular Songs in the ESL Classroom

Slomp, David H.
Professionalizing ATESL: An Examination of the Process

Sproule, Catherine
The Value of Peer Observation to College Teacher Effectiveness

Williams, Linda
A Review of Popular, Low-Level Literature for Learners of English as a Second Language


Erogul, Murat
Language Learning Strategies

Kim, Jeen
Call To Learn: Using CALL for Language Learning

O'Shaughnessy, Laurie
The Cultural Adaptation of EFL Teachers in China

Paton, Adrienne
Using the Internet in the ESL Classroom

Werner, Brian
An Annotated Bibliography of Video Related ESL Materials and ESL Videos Available at the University of Alberta and Alberta Vocational College