Masters Program

Admission Requirements

Students applying for the Master's Program in Educational Technology specialization must:

  1. have obtained a four-year baccalaureate degree, or its equivalent, offered by a recognized degree-granting institution of higher education in Canada, a regional accredited institution of higher education in the United States, or a University in another country acceptable to the Admissions Committee.
  2. have acquired some practical experience in the application of educational technology (e.g., classroom, industry).
  3. provide three letters of reference; two of which must be from someone knowledgeable about the applicant's abilities and potential to pursue academic work.
  4. provide a statement of intent indicating general areas of research and applied interest, previous scholarly activity, and plans upon graduation.

Admission decisions are made based on a relative ranking of all applicants by rating their applications in the following four categories: 1) previous academic record, 2) relevant practical experience, 3) letters of recommendation, and 4) statement of intent that includes a description of academic background in area of interest.

Depending on the applicant's academic background and interests, a student may be required to complete prerequisite courses. Preference will be given to applicants with professional experience in the Canadian K-12 educational system.

Program Requirements

The Master's Program in Educational Technology specialization is offered as both a thesis-based and a course-based program. Normally, this program is taken over two academic years, with the maximum time allowed to complete the program being 4 years in the thesis-based program and 6 years in the course-based program.

Students must complete 24 course credits, 12 of which are required course credits and 12 of which are elective course credits. In the thesis-based route, in addition to completing these 24-course credits, students must complete and defend a thesis. In the course-based route, students must complete an additional 3-credit open-option course and complete a capping paper (EDPY 900). Students may be required to take additional courses as determined by their academic supervisor.

Required Core Courses *9

  • EDPY 501 (*3) Introduction to Methods of Educational Research
  • EDPY 510 (*3) Learning, Cognition, and Education
  • EDU 575 (*3) Theory and Practice in Educational Technology

Elective Course Credits *18

Students will choose their elective courses with the advice of and subject to the approval of their academic advisor. For the thesis-based route, two of the electives must be Educational Psychology courses, two must be Technology Electives, and one can be either an Educational Psychology or a Technology Elective. In the course-based route, an additional open elective is required. Students are encouraged to consult the University Calendar for other courses in the Faculty of Education and the university that might be appropriate to their program goals.