Transfer from Master's to PhD

Students in the Master's program have the opportunity to apply for a change in category to the PhD Program.

The following conditions apply:

  1. Completion of a minimum of 6 half courses or 18 credits of the M.Ed. program with an overall GPA of 8.2/3.8 or greater.
  2. At least 4 of the 6 courses must be graded courses.
  3. All research methods courses required in the Master's program must be completed. All applicants must have completed EDPY 501.
  4. Independent study courses (EDPY 599/699) will not be counted as one of the 6 courses.
  5. THE (thesis credits) will not be counted.
  6. If courses graded as Credit/Fail are included in the 6 half courses, then a letter from the course instructor should be included indicating that the student is performing at an exceptional level in the course.
  7. A curriculum vitae, a letter of support from the student's Advisor or Supervisor, and two reference letters from instructors must accompany the letter of request from the student.
  8. The letter of request will include a one-page summary of proposed doctoral research. In addition, applicants will provide a one-paragraph statement addressing why a transfer to the PhD program is being requested.
  9. The letter of support from the Supervisor will address why the applicant should be considered for transfer to the PhD program and will provide a summary of the applicant's research interests.
  10. The referees will complete the reference form that is included in the University of Alberta application package.
  11. Requests will be submitted to the Associate Chair and reviewed by the Scholarship and
  12. Awards Committee for final approval. Application deadlines are May 31 and December 15.

Note: Students who transfer to the PhD program in this manner and who later decide not to, or are unable to, complete their doctoral studies, will have the opportunity to meet M.Ed. degree requirements in their specific Area of Study and thus obtain a Master's degree. For example, a student who has transferred into the Psychological Studies in Education doctoral program with six courses completed in a Master's program, could then apply three courses from their doctoral program to the course-based Master's program (a nine-course program). In addition they would be required to complete a project/capping exercise. Students need to check with the Graduate Coordinator for the specific requirements for each Area of Study. Because of the nature of their program, students in Counselling Psychology and School Psychology need to consult with the Area Coordinator prior to application.