Master of Education in Educational Studies (MES)

MES Program Cost

Our core program of 8 courses, including non-instructional fees, costs approximately $18,000. 

What We Provide

Our priority is to enhance your learning experience.

To support you in investigating your areas of educational interest, the MES is delivered by outstanding faculty with a broad range of educational interests and strong backgrounds in graduate student support. They understand the challenges of working and studying at the same time; they will work with you to successfully meet course expectations and your learning goals.

To support high levels of student engagement, we ensure that class size and course structure promote collaborative inquiry, robust discussion, and reflection on practice.

To free up time for your studies,

  • We register you in all your courses.
  • We provide assistance in identifying electives that align with your educational interests.
  • We provide assistance with FGSR processes.
  • We provide technical assistance.

In addition, we provide1-business-day turnaround on all MES student inquiries.

Additional Costs

  1. Texts are not included in the program cost; however, the cost of texts is not prohibitive as

    • several courses provide all readings within eClass
    • most texts are available for purchase in digital format, providing an affordable alternative to print versions
    • some texts are available to borrow from the University of Alberta library system (print or digital format)
    • some texts are used for more than one course
  2. Two FGSR-approved electives are not included in the program cost. Generally, graduate-level courses range from $700 - $1,800 per course, depending on the institution, location, and mode of delivery. Contact the MES Graduate Administrator for assistance in selecting your electives and initiating the approval process. If you have already completed two graduate-level courses, contact the MES Graduate Administrator to determine whether the courses can be approved and applied to the program.

Student Scholarships

Because the MES is a part-time, course-based program, students generally do not qualify for University of Alberta scholarships. 

However, many of our students qualify for funding through their local school division and/or the Alberta Teachers Association (once you've logged in check members>awards and scholarships). 

Métis students may be eligible for funding through the Belcourt Brosseau Métis Awards.