Master of Education in Educational Studies

The MES Program

The Masters of Education in Educational Studies (MES) consists of ten graduate level courses (30 credits). Eight courses (24 credits) form the core of the program and are completed in sequence. The remaining two courses (6 credits) are approved electives. The program breaks down as follows:

  • 12 credits completed in two, 3-week summer residencies on the University of Alberta campus or a Regional Site
  • 12 credits completed in four online courses during fall and winter terms
  • 6 credits of approved electives, which can usually be transferred in if already completed, or can be completed at student’s discretion over the course of the program.

The program begins with a 3-week summer residency, followed by fall and winter online courses. For more information on the sequence of the courses, please view the MES Program Plan. PDF Icon 

The Master of Education in Educational Studies (MES) is a rigorous graduate program. The MES integrates students' own areas of interest in educational leadership and/or school improvement  into a rigorous synthesis of study, discourse, educational research applications, and reflections on implications for professional practice. Although the courses are facilitated by instructors, much of the online course work is completed independently; students are responsible for identifying their areas of interest, meeting program expectations, and achieving their own goals.

The MES Philosophy

The MES program premise is that educational professionals at all levels can be change agents who support robust learning communities.