Electrical and Computer Engineering

Documentation Deadlines

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering will consider applications for either September or January admission. University of Alberta graduates and NSERC scholarship holders can be considered for admission in May. However, potential applicants should be aware of the following regulations and restrictions:

  • MSc, MEng and PhD Applicants: While applications can be considered for either September or January admission, potential applicants are strongly advised to seek admission in September.

Applicants should be aware that no major university awards are available for students starting in January.

Applications and all required documents must be submitted by these dates to be considered for admission. Applicants should be filling out the application well before the deadlines.

Applications must be submitted BEFORE the close date (eg. applications and all supporting documents (including references) must be submitted by May 1 for Sept admissions or Sep 1 for January admissions).

International application deadlines: these dates also apply to applicants within Canada applying for a study permit.

May 1 for September Admission
September 1 for January Admission

Canadian application deadlines:

May 31 for September Admission
September 1 for January Admission

If any domestic students are required to apply after the deadlines please contact the department directly at ecegadm@ualberta.ca