Electrical and Computer Engineering

About Computer Engineering

Computer engineers don’t just sit at desks staring at monitors all day; they create the technologies that shape our modern world. Smarter software, faster Internet, or computers in the palm of your hand: computer engineers play a significant role in all of them.

As a computer engineer, you’ll deal with the design, implementation, analysis, and testing of hardware and software for computing systems. Unlike computer scientists who deal primarily with software, computer engineers must have a strong understanding of computers as physical devices and of the software that drives them. Because of this, computer engineers can be considered equal parts electrical engineer and computer scientist.

Just like the variety in modern computers, career paths in this field are numerous. Graduates of the University of Alberta’s Computer Engineering program may work in software development, telecommunications, hardware design, nanotechnology, circuit and microprocessor design, or a host of other computer-related careers. Many students also go on to graduate studies in more specific areas of computer engineering.

If you want to be a part of a constantly growing field that’s at the forefront of technology, we encourage you to explore the Computer Engineering program and its options offered by the U of A’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.