Electrical and Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering Program

The Computer Engineering program provides the fundamentals of hardware and software design through courses in both Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. It prepares students for many careers in hardware design, software engineering, and other computer-related areas.

The early years of the program, including a common first year required for all engineering students at the U of A, help students build an understanding and appreciation for the theoretical concepts at the heart of engineering. Because computer engineers must draw on knowledge of hardware and software, the latter years of the program offer a mix of electrical engineering and computer science technical electives. Both disciplines are taught through classroom and laboratory sessions, and offer crossover for students to combine their understanding of hardware and software into single projects.

Some students may also wish to participate in Industrial Cooperative Education (Co-op). This extends the degree program to five years and incorporates five paid, supervised work-experience terms.

For a full course listing please refer to the University Of Alberta Calendar.