Electrical and Computer Engineering

About Electrical Engineering

From the largest power grids to the smallest nanoscale devices, electrical engineers play a major role in the technologies of the 21st century. Even the most basic conveniences that are often taken for granted–lights, telephones, the Internet –are all a result of their hard work.

Electrical engineers study electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. It’s a broad area that covers the fundamental concepts involving analysis, design, and fabrication of a variety of electrical and electronic systems.

The demand for electrical engineers continues to grow as our world becomes more and more complex. Graduates of the University of Alberta’s Electrical Engineering program can expect to find a career in a wide range of fields, including power generation, transmission, and distribution; telecommunications; circuit design; computer hardware design; signal processing; biomedical research; and nanoelectric device design, just to name a few. Many students also go on to graduate studies in more specific areas of electrical engineering.

If the challenge of helping shape the future interests you, we encourage you to explore the Electrical Engineering program and its options offered by the U of A’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.