Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electrical Engineering: Biomedical Option

Biomedical engineering is the application of the principles of engineering to the solution of problems in medicine and biology. This option provides students a more intensive specialization in the field during their undergraduate degree than the traditional Electrical Engineering program, and helps prepare students for graduate studies in biomedical engineering, employment in the health-care industry, or application to an MD program.

The early years of the program, including a common first year required for all engineering students at the U of A, help students build an understanding and appreciation for the theoretical concepts at the heart of engineering. Unlike the traditional Electrical Engineering program, the Biomedical Option replaces some of the core courses with fundamental courses in medicine and biology. In the latter years of program, students will apply the concepts they’ve learned to study medical diagnostics, physiologic monitoring, medical instrumentation including, magnetic resonance, and ultrasound imaging.

Note: There is no cooperative program offered through the Biomedical Engineering option.

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