Electrical and Computer Engineering

Engineering Physics: Nanoengineering Option

The Engineering Physics Nanoengineering Option provides an introduction to the physics problems associated with engineering at the nanoscale level. Students enrolled in this program have a wealth of resources at their disposal, including the Micromachining and Nanofabrication Facility, and the recently established undergraduate nanotechnology lab.

The early years of the program, including a common first year required for all engineering students at the U of A, help students build an understanding and appreciation for the theoretical concepts at the heart of engineering. The Nanonengineering option replaces some of the core ECE courses with ones specific to physics and nanoengineering. In the final year of study, students can choose from technical electives that focus on electronics, electromagnetic, microelectromechanical systems processing, and photonics. Students also build nanofabricated devices as part of a fourth-year project.

Note: The cooperative program is available for both the Traditional and Nano options of the Engineering Physics program.

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