Electrical and Computer Engineering

Student Life

Life as a student in electrical and computer engineering is a lot of hard work, but it’s not all about hitting the books. Our students are encouraged to explore their passions and meet with their peers through on- and off-campus extracurricular activities. Success in engineering takes a team effort, and knowing who’s on your team in and out of the classroom can make a world of difference.

Students can join a number of engineering student groups, or collaborate on a student project and have the opportunity to travel around the world to competitions. We think engineering can be fun, and we want out students to feel the same way.

When you do need a reprieve from thinking about lines of code, circuit boards, and nanotechnology, the large and diverse U of A community offers many extracurricular student groups. Whether you want to get outdoors and go hiking or stay inside and have an impromptu jam session, you won’t have a difficult time finding like-minded people on campus.