Electrical and Computer Engineering

Student Group Projects

Formula SAEFormula SAE

Formula SAE is an internationally acclaimed engineering student competition that allows students to design and fabricate a small, high performance racecar. Each year, over 80 teams from around the world gather to share a wealth of knowledge and join in some friendly competition. The vehicles are judged on the design, aesthetics, cost analysis, performance and marketability of the cars. The final product must not only have excellent performance characteristics but must also be visually appealing and economical to promote sales to the non-professional racer.

ARVPAutonomous Robot Vehicle Project

The Autonomous Robotics Vehicle Project (ARVP) was founded in 1995 at the University of Alberta as an inter-disciplinary student project dedicated to the design, controls, and programming necessary to create an intelligent robot. Since then, ARVP has welcomed students from the faculties of engineering, science, business, education, and arts join, making it a truly multidisciplinary project. Since 2006, ARVP has been competing in the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Project held annually in San Diego, California. Outside of building non-lethal robots, ARVP also hosts various community outreach programs.

University of Alberta Aerial Robotics GroupUAARG

The University of Alberta Aerial Robotics Group (UAARG) is a student vehicle project group. We have members from varying fields of study working together in a friendly atmosphere to build RC planes with the ability to fly autonomously and recognize targets on the ground. We meet year-round and welcome anyone to drop by our clubroom. Visit our website for more information.