Farewell to Dr. Lindsay Gibson

It is with mixed emotions that the Department of Elementary Education says farewell to our colleague Dr. Lindsay Gibson, who accepted a tenure-track position at the University of British Columbia, starting July 1, 2019.

Kateryna Barnes - 10 June 2019

Lindsay Gibson

Lindsay Gibson shows off the Canadian history flash cards he designed. // Photo by Kateryna Barnes

It is with mixed emotions that the Department of Elementary Education says farewell to our colleague Dr. Lindsay Gibson. Lindsay has accepted a tenure-track position at the University of British Columbia, starting July 1, 2019.

Since he joined the department in July 2015, Lindsay has made many important contributions to the Department, Faculty, University, and broader educational community. Through his teaching of EDEL 335 and a 400-level course he developed on "Teaching Historical Thinking", Lindsay supported many of our pre-service students to become more competent and confident in teaching elementary social studies. Lindsay's SSHRC-funded research has involved a number of interesting projects aimed at supporting students' historical thinking and development of big picture narratives of Canada's history. Finally, Lindsay made important service contributions through his work on the Undergraduate Coordinating Committee, Undergraduate Academic Affairs Council, the Alberta Education Social Studies Curriculum Working Group, and the BC Social Studies Curriculum writing team. In 2018 he also received the L.B. Daniels Award for Exemplary Service in Critical Thinking from the Critical Thinking Consortium.

Not only did Lindsay have a significant scholarly impact at UAlberta, he also had a personal impact on his students and colleagues.

Lindsay Gibson

"Over my time spent at the University of Alberta I've come to revere Dr. Gibson as a personal role model of sorts. It wasn't until attending Dr. Gibson's EDEL Social Studies course that I was introduced to the world of critical thought; this is what sparked my thirst for knowledge and set me on an endeavour to learn from assessing the world around me. For motivating me to bound headstrong into further academic endeavours, I am infinitely grateful.

Thankfully, between time spent in-class and being partnered with Dr. Gibson as the 'Roger Smith Dream Team', we've had the opportunity to forge a friendship which transcends institutional spaces. While we initially bonded by sharing stories of our former glory days as minor hockey players, I came to know Dr. Gibson was always good for a piping hot cup of tea, a political cartoon, a wisecrack, and a smile. Although Dr. Gibson is not without fault, being a loyal Montreal Canadiens fan (go Oilers!!), he will be missed. We'll cross paths again soon, hopefully this time on your side of the border in beautiful, sunny British Columbia! Thank you for everything you've done to help me along my learning journey and all the best Dr. Gibson."

Marcus DeWitt, masters candidate in Educational Policy Studies

"I count myself very lucky to have met Lindsay. He's a wonderful friend, colleague, and human being! Time would fly when we would chat about history, politics, and education over a cup of tea. On more than one occasion the conversation was so good that I was very late for my next task! I will miss having Lindsay in the same institution, but I look forward to our conversations, laughs, and research collaborations continuing over space and time!"

Cathryn van Kessel, professor in Secondary Education

"I am grateful for the many ways that Dr. Gibson has contributed to the Department, enriched the lives of students, and influenced the field of social studies education through his scholarship and service. He is committed to quality educational experiences for all students, as exemplified by his work on the Alberta Curriculum Working Group and his innovative scholarship aimed at supporting students' historical thinking. He will be greatly missed."

Jerine Pegg, chair of Elementary Education

Lindsay Gibson "Working on projects with Lindsay was always a thrill. From photo shoots at Remedy over loose-leaf steeped tea (a mutual appreciation of ours) to chatting in his office, jam-packed with historical iconography and paraphernalia (such as a beaver pelt), Lindsay's charisma, intellect, and kindness always shone through. Not only was he a wealth of material for communications, but he was also a great colleague and friend."

Kateryna Barnes, communications and web for Elementary and Secondary Education

Lindsay Gibson

"What to say about Lindsay Gibson? Well, there are too many words, actually.

I'll begin with this: I will miss him terribly.

I knew from the moment he began his career in the Department of Elementary Education that he would be a wonderful colleague and friend. We knew each other slightly before he was hired and over the past four years a genuine friendship developed. His sharp wit, keen intellect, passion for teaching, and love of history infused our many collaborative projects with a passion and drive that was contagious. I know that we will continue to work closely together in the years ahead but I will miss being able to pop into each other's offices for a cup of tea and a quick or - more often than not - a long chat. Our loss is UBC's gain and I wish him every success!"

Carla Peck, professor in Elementary Education