Books published in 2020

2020 might not have been the best year, but two faculty members in Elementary Education were published in a book by a department alumnus.

Kateryna Barnes - 17 December 2020

This past year Elementary Education faculty members Trudy Cardinal and Carla Peck were published in a book edited by department alumnus Dr. Brent Bradford.

The Doctoral Journey: International Educationalist Perspectives

The Doctoral Journey International Educationalist Perspectives Brent Bradford

This book assembles a collective narrative related to the doctoral journey of recent graduates in the field of education. Clearly, the doctoral journey is not a linear process but rather a lattice of ever-evolving professional and personal relationships, experiences, perspectives, and insights.

From early on when considering whether or not to apply to a programme, to deciding on an institution and supervisor, to delving into the related literature, to data collection and analyses, to closing in on the defence, to results dissemination, and everything in between and beyond, the doctoral journey presents incalculable obstacles that can be, and have been, overcome by doctoral graduates—including the contributors in this inspirationally-sparked collective narrative.