About Us

appreciative inquiry blanket

The Department of Elementary Education takes pride in its distinguished graduates. Our continuing and sessional faculty offer expertise in subject areas such as Mathematics, Language and Literacy, Science, Music, Physical Education, Art, and Social Studies, as well as Curriculum and Instructional Studies, Teacher-Librarianship, Teacher Education, and Early Childhood Education.

The Department of Elementary Education engages children, families, and the broader community in reciprocal relationships as we learn and grow together. We offer programs that build on the strengths of students, staff, instructors, and faculty members in sustainable ways. Through strong relationships, mutual respect, and a willingness to share, we acknowledge and learn from the past, take from the present, to move forward to the future. Our work supports the holistic development of all members of our community, including learners, teachers, researchers, and educational leaders. We value diverse perspectives, where everyone has a place and a voice, to ensure an inclusive and respectful experience for each member of our community.

There are approximately 1700 students enrolled in the undergraduate program and approximately 200 full-time and part-time graduate students enrolled in the master's and doctoral programs.

Image created as part of a Department of Elementary Education retreat that used Appreciative Inquiry to guide a reflection on the core strengths and values of the Department of Elementary Education. Thank you to Dr. Patti Pente for weaving the individual images into this piece of artwork.