Faculty director: Anna Kirova

Professor, PhD (Sofia, Bulgaria) PhD (Alberta) Faculty profile page

Lead teacher: Ann Sheehan

Ann Sheehan has a Master’s degree in early childhood education from the University of Alberta. She has directed a day care and taught Kindergarten in Alberta and internationally.  While her daughter and son were young, Ann was a sessional instructor for the University of Alberta, Department of Elementary Education in the areas of Early Childhood Education and Language and Literacy.

Teacher: Jenn Sych

Jenn Sych holds a Bachelor of Education degree with a specialization in early childhood education from the University of Alberta and most recently has worked as a research assistant for a leading researcher in language and literacy.

Music teacher: Frieda Woodruff Gramit

The music teacher, Frieda Woodruff Gramit, brings over 30 years experience playing with children and music to our Junior Kindergarten program. Her background includes academic study of music (BMus, MA in Musicology), designing her own preschool music programs, and teaching children with special needs (both as a music teacher and as an occupational therapist assistant). Frieda also completed the basic teachers’ training in the Music Together preschool music program, and is a registered Music Teacher with ARMTA.