Research undertaken in the Child Study Centre must follow these procedures:

  1. Anyone wishing to conduct research at the Centre must apply to do so through the director.
  2. Permission will be granted to the researcher based on the compatibility of the research with the goals of the educational program, the availability of space and other relevant features of the research plan.
  3. Before being granted the opportunity to pursue research in the CSC and before beginning any research activities, the researcher must receive ethics approval for the proposal from the appropriate university research ethics board (REB).
  4. Once ethics approval has been granted by the REB, a CSC application form must be completed by the researcher and submitted to the CSC administrative assistant for approval. The entire Ethics Review application package must be appended to the application form to be kept on file in the CSC office.
  5. Once the research is completed a summative report must be sent to the CSC to be filed there with other such research reports and to be mounted on the web site. There is a link to the Research Summary form just below.
  6. By January 31 and July 31 of each year, copies of the reports will be sent by the CSC administrative assistant to the Office of the Associate Dean of Research in the Faculty of Education.

To explore opportunities for research at the Child Study Centre, please contact the Director of the Child Study Centre.

Research forms

Please visit our Forms Cabinet for the Request to Conduct Research form and the Research Summary form.