Undergraduate Program

The Department of Elementary Education is committed to preparing teachers who are generalists: teachers who are competent to teach all subjects and facilitate the learning of all children.

The instructional program is based on the belief that teaching proficiency is dependent upon knowledge of subject matter, pedagogy, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and professional ethics. Furthermore teachers require sensitivity to and respect for children and the sociocultural context in which they live as well as an understanding of schooling and its social, political and economic context.

The programs

Students entering the Elementary Bachelor of Education program may enroll in the 4-year degree program or the after degree program.

Both programs include non-education courses, educational psychology and policy studies courses, curriculum and instruction courses, and thirteen weeks of field experience.

In the first two years of the 4-year BEd program, students complete non-education courses in seven specific elements that provide a necessary breadth in content background.


Undergraduate Program Administrator

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