Research Staff

Dr. Brian Holroyd Department of Emergency Medicine Chair, Professor
Dr. Michael Bullard Professor
Olga Krol Department Administrator
Michael Vester AHS Data Analyst
vacant Research Initiative Coordinator
Dr. Christopher McCabe
Department Research Director, Capital Health Research Chair in Emergency Medicine Research, Professor
Patricia Malcolm
Administrative Assistant to Dr. Christopher McCabe
Dr. Shelagh K. Genuis
Research Coordinator, Precision Medicine Policy Network
Dr. Reza Mahjoub Post Doctoral Fellow
Dr. Negar Razavilar Project Research Assistant
Philip Akude Research Assistant
Samprita Chakraborty
Research Assistant
Benoit Kudinga Research Assistant
Klemens Wallner
Research Assistant

Dr. Brian Rowe Scientific Director, Emergency Strategic Clinical Network, AHS, Tier I Canada Research Chair in Evidence-based Emergency Medicine, Professor
Diana Keto-Lambert Administrative Assistant to Dr. Brian Rowe
Dr. Cristina Villa-Roel
Research Associate
Scott Kirkland Project Research Coordinator
Lynette Krebs
Project Research Coordinator
Lindsay Gaudet
Project Research Assistant - Injury Prevention
Justin Lowes
Research Assistant
Chris Alexiu
Project Research Assistant
Natalie Runham Lead Clinical Research Coordinator (UAH)
Pamela Chow
Clinical Research Coordinator (UAH & NECHC)
Pamela Pang Clinical Research Assistant (UAH)