Clinical Faculty Appointment

The Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, University of Alberta, values its relationship with our Clinical Academic Colleagues and recognizes the indispensable contribution they make to the academic mission, especially through the teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate students, and through clinical research, administration, and service to the profession. They are major providers of care at the teaching hospitals and ambulatory teaching clinics affiliated with the University. The appointment to a clinical rank confers the privilege and responsibility of being a teacher for the University of Alberta.

Clinical Lecturer (Probationary)
  • Eligibility
    • Involved in teaching of undergraduate students, residents in a clinical or classroom setting.
    • Hold a valid license with the appropriate licensing authority.
    • Privileges granted by Alberta Health Services (AHS).
  • Application Criteria
    • Letter of intent
    • Current CV
    • 2 reference  letters from Department of Emergency Medicine (DEM) Clinical Academic Colleague (CAC) 
  • Probationary 
    • Clinical Lecturer appointments are for a maximum of 3 years.
    • Note: A Department Chair may recommend a candidate apply for promotion after 1 year if the candidate has had significant achievements in any of the Assistant Clinical Professor criteria. In this case, a formal application by the individual is necessary.
    • The Clinical Lecturer appointment is non-renewable. All CAC will continue to contribute to teaching to the Faculty, thus promoted to Assistant Clinical Professor rank after probation, unless grounds for discontinuation exist.
Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Eligibility
    • Demonstrated commitment as a teacher and received satisfactory teaching evaluations.
    • Sustained effort to facilitate teaching.
    • Contributed to clinical research
    • Serves on local Hospital, Regional, University or Provincial committees.
    • Minimum of 3 years as a CAC with the DEM.
  • Application Criteria
    • Current CV
Associate Clinical Professor
  • Eligibility
  • Promotion to Associate Clinical Professor requires candidates to attain eligibility #1 and #2 plus 2 or more of the other eligibility items.
    • Recognized as an excellent teacher with DEM.
    • Minimum of 4 years as a CAC with the DEM.
    • Reputation of a highly competent professional.
    • Taken an active leadership role in Hospital, University, Provincial or National professional organizations.
    • Has been invited to speak at medical society meetings, in accredited continuing professional learning programs, and at other institutions as guest speaker.
    • Has publications in research or educational journals or has presented at provincial and national clinical education or research meetings.
  • Application Criteria
    • Letter of intent
    • Current CV
    • 2 reference  letters from Department of Emergency Medicine (DEM) Clinical Academic Colleague (CAC) 
    • Teaching Dossier
Clinical Professor
  • Eligibility
  • Promotion to Clinical Professor requires candidates to demonstrated leadership in at least 2 of the 4 pillars: 
    • Clinical Teaching: Has proven to be an enthusiastic, effective and devoted leader in the educational program (e.g. program director, curriculum/course development) 
    • Research: Has demonstrated scholarship in research as illustrated by publications in peer-reviewed journals, functioning as a referee for scientific or education publications, and/or as a holder of peer reviewed and other research grants. Has presented clinical, educational, or research findings at national and international meetings. 
    • Clinical Quality Improvement Innovation Leadership: Is recognized by peers at a provincial, national or international level as being an outstanding professional who has made significant contributions to the practice of medicine and the improvement of health care delivery (establishing new clinical programs, innovative care delivery models, or demonstration of quality improvement scholarship).
    • Administrative Leadership: Has been elected to office in leading provincial, national, or international professional organization or has performed administrative or policy functions in the university, region or in a professional organization.
    • In addition, the individual must have demonstrated an on-going commitment to teaching with satisfactory teaching evaluations. Candidates, also, have to be a CAC with the DEM for a minimum of 8 years.
  • Application Criteria
    • A minimum of 8 years of annual reports submitted to DEM prior to application.
    • Letter of Intent
    • Current CV
    • Names and contact information for 3 references (1 external to the DEM, 1 external to FOMD), who have significant leadership role within their organization and be able to attest to the accomplishments of the candidate.  The references should not be personal friends, or collaborators of the candidate. The Department Chair will write to these individuals, or to others, to obtain additional information. It is not appropriate for the candidate to request a letter directly from the references.
    • Teaching Dossier


  • The DEM CAC Application and Promotion Chair will, annual by November 15, provide all CAC eligible for promotion with an invitation to apply along with application criteria.
  • Submission deadline to apply for CAC or promotion is January 15.
  • DEM CAC Application and Promotion Committee reviews applications.
  • Recommendations for appointment and promotion are submitted to the Dean’s Office by May 31.
  • FoMD Dean will finalize DEM Clinical Academic Colleagues Committee’s recommendations for July 1st start date. All appointments and reappointments will include a formal Letter of Appointment.
  • All CAC are term appointments. Appointments will be for the following terms:
 CAC Rank  Appointment Term
 Clinical Professor  5 years, renewable
 Associate Clinical Professor  5 years, renewable
 Assistant Clinical Professor  5 years, renewable
 Clinical Lecturer  3 years, non-renewable


Termination of Academic Appointments

The Dean can terminate the appointment at any time on the basis of: 

  • Criteria for appointment are no longer being met (e.g. no longer teaching, moved out of geographic region). 
  • Suspension or loss of licensure and/or clinical privileges resulting in inability to carry out the duties required. 
  • Failure on the part of the Clinical Academic Colleague to comply with applicable policies, procedures, protocols or other requirements of the Faculty or University of Alberta, and following conclusion of any actions required by the policy or procedure.