Academic Calendar & Events

Academic Events

For more specific details of the main academic events, see the links in the left sidebar.

  • CanMeds

    Each year during the 5 year residency, a CanMeds Mentor shawdows a resident during an emergency medicine shift. During this time, the mentor can help the resident improve upon the CanMeds roles.

    Please print off the CanMeds Observer Form and bring this to your mentor during your scheduled shift.



    - CanMEDS Observer Assessment Form


  • Core Curriculum Rounds

    Core Curriculum Rounds is held every month, and attended by the EM residents and PGY-2 RCPS residents.

    A sample past reading schedule, based on chapters from the Tintinalli textbook, is posted below:

    - Sample Schedule
  • Emergency Medicine City Wide Rounds

    Every Tuesday morning all emergency residents attend Emergency Medicine City Wide Rounds​ in Classroom D of the University Hospital from 9:00 am to noon. The session is open to staff, residents, medical students, nurses, and other affiliated healthcare personnel. See the Calendar (above) for event specifics.

    Presentation Tips

    Rounds begin promptly at 9:00 a.m., so please have your presentation ready to go BEFORE 9:00 am Your selected topic must be reviewed at least one month in advance. Your presentation is expected to be thorough and include references to recent studies.

    - Presentation Tips

    Responsibilities for residents assigned "Donut Duty"

    Please refer to Half Day Duties for a detailed list of responsibilities for residents.

    - Who's Getting The Donuts?

    - Block 1 to 2 - PGY 4
    - Block 3 to 4 - PGY 3
    - Block 5 to 7 - EM's
    - Block 8 to 10 - PGY 2​
    - Block 11 to 13 - EMs

    - Keep your receipt and Maria will reimburse you

    - Pick up the staff/resident sign-in sheet, evaluation forms and drop-off box from Maria's desk and bring them to Classroom D

    - Hand out the evaluation forms prior to the staff guest speaker

    - Collect the evaluation forms and sign in sheet after rounds

    - Give the guest speaker forms and sign-in sheet to Maria

    - Put the resident speaker evaluation forms in their mailbox.

  • Journal Club

    Once a month Journal Club is hosted by a local emergency physician to discuss important papers in the field of emergency medicine. Medical students and family medicine residents with an interest in emergency medicine are invited to attend, and dinner is provided at the staff emergency physician's home. Please contact our program administrator Maria Borges ( if you plan to attend.

    Resident roles and responsibilities

    Journal club attendance, like attendance at half-day, is mandatory and takes priority over clinical shifts.

    - Journal Club Format

  • Junior Rounds

    Junior Rounds, for PGY-1 and 2 residents, take place at 8am, prior to academic half-day on most Tuesdays (check the Resident Calendar). Each month one junior resident presents a common topic while a senior resident runs a "mock code."


    - To develop approaches to resuscitating critically ill patients.

    - To develop approaches to ECG, ABG, and XRay interpretation.

    - To become more familiar with Emergency Medicine procedures.

    - To recognize and accept deficits in knowledge, share existing knowledge with peers, and overall to develop skills in self-appraisal.

    - To encourage the continual habit of collecting interesting cases, ECGs, x-rays, ABGs, and clinical pictures to add to learning and teaching files, and overall to promote lifelong learning.

    Junior Resident Roles

    - Each junior resident (R1/R2) will provide learning material for one visual stim or skill-based session per year.

    - Bring approximately five X-rays, ECGs, ABGs, pictures, etc. for your session, along with relevant details of the patient encounters.

    - Provide copies of the photos or files for the other residents to add to their own teaching files.

    - All sessions are supervised by a senior resident. DO NOT spend a lot of time preparing -this is what the senior resident is for!

    Senior Resident Roles

    - Hold "mock-code" sessions once per month.

    - Supervise sessions presented by the junior residents.

    Suggested Topics

    All sessions must be problem-based and interactive. This is NOT another lecture tacked on to half-day.

    - Topics for Junior Rounds

  • Senior Interactives

    These are staff-facilitated sessions for PGY3-5 residents in the FRCPC program and are held one Tuesday a month at 1pm. The topics rotate on a two-year basis and serve as a guide for longitudinal reading to prepare for the Royal College exam.

    Suggested chapter guidelines are from Rosen's Emergency Medicine, 7th edition but the information covered in the sessions should come from any up to date source, including recent research. A sample schedule is below.



    - Sample schedule