CFPC-EM Certification Program

This residency program is for 1 year(s)

Program length of training does not exceed the Royal College or College of Family Physicians of Canada standard.


The University of Alberta Family Medicine-Emergency Medicine (FM-EM) Program began in July of 1993 and has since graduated over 140 residents who now work throughout Canada. Since its inception, the program has been designed to produce physicians who are able to work in any emergency department, from rural to quaternary care.

One of the keys to success in Edmonton is the large number of learners. The FM-EM residents work and learn alongside the RCPS Emergency Medicine and Pediatric Emergency Medicine programs in a collegial environment that gives them a larger pool of colleagues to work and attend rounds with. This tightly knit group shares in the many dedicated faculty members with expertise in Evidence Based Medicine, EMS Systems, Disaster Medicine, Medical Education, Pediatric and Adult Trauma, Clinical Research and Health Administration, Emergency Department Ultrasound, and Human Patient Simulation. With this dedicated faculty, the University of Alberta formed Canada’s fourth Department of Emergency Medicine in 2004.

Simulation has become a big feature in our program with a summer Bootcamp in the first 2-3 months which features a lot of Simulation training and hands-on procedural training.  Also, the ultrasound training has been adapted to cover the EDE 1 material and by the end of the year, you will be CPoCUS IP eligible should you choose to take the CPoCUS exam.  All residents will also do a CCU senior rotation towards the end of their year. There are ECG rounds each month. It is encouraged to have a current certification in ACLS, ATLS, NRP and PALS done before starting the year as they are mandatory for certain rotations. Residents are also encouraged to complete their CPoCUS IP certification prior to entry into the program as it is a busy year and having this certification allows the resident to integrate their IP knowledge during the year.

The year is intense, but residents are provided great academic support and flexibility to meet their learning needs. The program is centred in Edmonton, and most rotations occur at the two tertiary care hospitals - the Royal Alexandra, and the University. Additionally, all residents spend time in a community hospital in Edmonton, and two months in our regional centres (Lethbridge and/or Red Deer). We have also incorporated a guided selective for all residents which allows them to choose between General Surgery, Orthopedics, or a regional Emergency Medicine rotation. Priority is given to General Surgery or Orthopedics if neither of those rotations were done during the FM year. For residents who have done both General Surgery and Orthopedics - they can choose amongst any of the selective options.

The FM-EM program is a very structured year. Despite this, the program retains flexibility and self-directed learners flourish in Edmonton. There is a comprehensive academic program including monthly Core Content Rounds where you get exams to test your recall of reading assignments from the last month and prepare you for the certification exam.

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Program Leadership

Navdeep Dhaliwal, MD, CFPC(EM)
Program Director

Michael Lai, MD, CFPC(EM)

Assistant Program Director