Emergency Medicine

Academic Standing and Promotions

The RCPS Emergency Medicine Residency Program Committee has established the Academic Standings and Promotions Committee to oversee academic promotion and remedial for residents.

Appeals in the RCPS Emergency Medicine residency program is governed by the policies of the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry and the University of Alberta.

Terms of Reference


The University of Alberta Emergency Medicine Residency Programs’ Residency Program Committee (RPC) delegates the function of academic review to the Academic Standing and Promotions Committee (the Committee). Overall responsibility of resident assessment and promotion will remain with the Program Directors and RPC.

Type of Committee

The Committee is a subcommittee of the joint RCPS and FM Emergency Medicine RPC.


The Committee consists of the Program Directors (Committee Chairs) and Assistant Program Directors of the EM Programs, and one member of the clinical faculty who is not part of the EM Residency Program Committee. The individual external to the RPC is nominated by the Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine, and will sit for a term of 3 years, renewable at the discretion of the Department Chair for up to two terms.


Pursuant to the Postgraduate Medical Education (PME) office’s Policies and Procedures on Assessment and Remediation, the Committee will review any and all Intraining evaluation reports (ITERs) and Assessment Tools that do not result in “Meets expectations.”

All Committee members will have access and may review the resident’s file.

The Committee will consider and possibly recommend remediation. If remediation is recommended, the Committee will draft a remediation plan as per the PME Assessment/Remediation Flow Chart.

The Committee may be called to review the Remediation Assessment after a remediation period. The Committee will make recommendations as outlined in the PME

Assessment/Remediation Flow Chart

At the end of the academic year, the Committee will assist the PDs in the decision on promotion to the next academic year.


Meetings are held as necessary by the Chairs calling a meeting. Quorum is a minimum of 3 Committee members.

The resident(s) whose ITER or Assessment Tool is being reviewed has the right to request a resident representative at the Committee meeting. In the case of a RCPS resident, the representative shall be a RCPS chief resident, or a more senior resident in the event of non-availability of a chief resident or if the resident is in the same PGY cohort as the chief residents. In the case of a FM-EM resident, the representative shall be a chief resident from either the RCPS-EM Program or core FM Program. The resident representative’s role is to provide a resident’s perspective on the proceedings. It is a non-voting role.