Residents have elective time available in every year of the program. Residents can also schedule an extended block of up to 12 months of training to pursue areas of special interest, to develop areas of special expertise, or to conduct research. Additionally, residents can use this time for the first year of a Masters program, or potentially as a crossover year for fellowship training. This training is usually done in the PGY4 year, but scheduling is quite flexible. There are no significant restrictions on the scope of the electives. Elective opportunities include:

  • Infectious Diseases (Edmonton)
  • Ophthalmology (Edmonton)
  • STD Clinic (Edmonton)
  • Toxicology (New York)
  • Toxicology (Calgary)

The University of Alberta provides liability insurance and WCB coverage for any electives undertaken outside Alberta or Canada

To arrange an elective with us:

Contact Maria Huether, Program Administrator at mariab@ualberta.ca or select the appropriate contact from the list in the sidebar.