Teaching Sites

University of Alberta Hospital

The UofA Hospital is the main tertiary care centre for Northern Alberta and is situated on the campus of the University of Alberta. The hospital is a major transplantation centre and a designated trauma centre. The department sees over 73,000 patients per year. The Emergency Department deals with many high acuity patients with complicated medical illnesses and a wide variety of trauma.

Stollery Children's Hospital

Pediatric Emergency Medicine rotations are carried out at the Stollery Children's Hospital at the University of Alberta. This department receives approximately 20,000 visits per year. These numbers have continued to grow per annum since opening September 27th, 2000.

Royal Alexandra Hospital

The Royal Alexandra Hospital is a large tertiary care centre serving the urban centre of Edmonton seeing over 66,000 patients per year. It is a designated trauma centre and has a high volume, high acuity emergency department.

Grey Nuns, Misericordia & Sturgeon Community Hospitals

The Grey Nuns, Misericordia and Sturgeon Hospitals are community hospitals with active emergency departments. Residents rotate through these community hospitals as both junior and senior learners. The Grey Nuns receives 55,000 visits per year, Misericordia 46,000 visits per year and the Sturgeon 46,000 visits per year.

Northeast Health Centre

The Northeast Health Centre (NEHC) is a free standing Emergency Department serving as an ambulatory care facility. Residents rotate through the NEHC as part of their rotations at the Royal Alexandra Hospital.

Westview Health Centre

WestView Health Centre in Stony Plain, Alberta, 30 km west of Edmonton, provides acute care for patients located in the immediate western vicinity of Edmonton.

Toxicology Rotations

Toxicology rotations are done off site. In the past, residents have completed rotations in Calgary, Toronto, Denver, and New York.