Resident Profiles


Amanda Cao
Amanda Cao is one of the fresh new R1s joining the team! She is a lifelong Edmontonian who did her undergraduate degree, a brief detour to pharmacy, and medical school training here. Amanda can therefore fully attest to the fact that it is a great city with lots to do and good food to eat. Although she's been here for almost three decades, she has never been to the river valley and hopes to see it in all its glory before residency is over. She is happy and grateful to finally retire her student status after being in University for way too long and is excited for what comes next!
Candace Hagerman
Candace Hagerman is a lifelong Edmontonian who completed her undergraduate degree in Kinesiology and Master’s degree in Medicine at the UAlberta. After a couple years of working as a research coordinator in the Division of Gastroenterology, she started medical school at the UofA where she discovered her interest in emerg! In her spare time, she enjoys running in the river valley, playing ringette with lifelong friends, and discovering new foods and craft beers around Edmonton (preferably on a patio). She is excited to get started in emerg and to get to know everyone!   
Jonathan Mora
Jonathan Mora was born and raised in Edmonton and attended undergraduate, graduate, and medical school at UAlberta. He played varsity football for the Golden Bears during his undergrad and researched hepatitis B viral entry in graduate school. He is very excited that he now gets to do his postgraduate training here too! In his spare time Jon loves playing hockey, flag football, golfing, camping, hiking, traveling, and microbrewery patios.
Courtney Streu
Courtney Streu is a born and raised Edmontonian. She completed her undergraduate degree at The King’s University (Edmonton) and medical degree at the University of Alberta. Her area of interest is chronic pain and humanitarian medicine. In her free time she enjoys singing, fishing, wakeboarding, and playing with her puppy! 
Fiona Tran
Fiona Tran was born and raised in Calgary. Since completing her medical school education at the UAlberta, she has managed to miss every northern light sighting in the city sky despite multiple tracker apps. She enjoys cooking various international fusion dishes and is currently learning how to achieve the optimum al dente chew for pasta noodles. During her downtime she enjoys water painting cards, going for her daily jog, and making 3D animal and plant paper models.  She is excited to be part of the UofA EM family for residency and just maybe…she will finally be able to see flickers of the aurora borealis.
Megg Wylie
Megg Wylie is Alberta born and raised-- she lived in Medicine Hat, Sundre, and Red Deer before completing her medical degree at the University of Calgary. During her training Megg maintained research and advocacy commitments within women's health, addictions, harm reduction and homelessness. In her free time, she is an avid climber who is always keen to meet a new belay partner. Megg was beyond excited to match to Emergency Medicine in Edmonton in CaRMS 2022, and is really looking forward to getting to know the Edmonton Emerg Group!


Hope Fast
Hope Fast is a born and raised prairie girl hailing from the University of Saskatchewan. Since a wardrobe malfunction involving a ripped skirt during her MMI, Hope is relieved to be spending the rest of her medical career in scrubs. She enjoys playing sports with any team that will have her, photography, and is an avid patio-goer and brewery explorer. Don’t let her last name fool you, Hope will be slowly plodding/“running” in the Edmonton river valley this year. She is looking forward to meeting all the people and pets in the program and making Edmonton her new home!
Brenna Hansen
Born and raised in Edmonton, Brenna Hansen is returning to her hometown after attending medical school at Western University in London, Ontario. Her academic interests include addictions medicine and working with marginalized populations. Outside of medicine, Brenna loves to spend time with her husband Rory and her Great Dane, Daisy. She is a huge Lord of the Rings fan and an avid cook and foodie - she loves hosting dinner parties. She also enjoys being physically active outdoors, especially if this involves hiking, paddle boarding or spike ball. She is excited to come back to Alberta’s big blue skies, to re-discover Edmonton’s blossoming craft beer and food scene - and to meet the Edmonton EM crew!
Henry Li
Born and raised in Winnipeg, Henry Li completed his undergraduate and medical degrees at the University of Manitoba. He is excited to join the Edmonton EM family and drive up and down hills during his daily commute.

He enjoys playing a variety of sports like badminton, tennis, basketball, and volleyball, but may not be very good at any of them. After going on his first snowboarding trip during medical school, he is pumped to get on the slopes more. His goals during residency? Learn how to play the guitar and stop spending so much money on leather shoes.
Jack Underschultz
Jack Underschultz is a proud Edmontonian having completed both his undergraduate degree in Finance and medical degree at the University of Alberta. Most suspect it is Stockholm Syndrome due to an unhealthy affinity to the Edmonton Oilers (next year is always our year!). However, Jack does take every opportunity to travel the world, the more off the beaten path the better, and hopes to continue to follow his passion for Global Health to all of the hidden gems in the world. Closer to home, Jack loves to catch up over a coffee, drink, and especially over any kind of sports game. He is very excited to start and meet everyone!
Lloyd Visser
A lifelong Albertan, Lloyd Visser hails from the calm and wind-free city of Lethbridge. Prior to academia, Lloyd completed a trades apprenticeship to become a Journeyman Carpenter, a career which spanned everything from residential construction to remote oilfield camp jobs. Outside of work, Lloyd enjoys anything outdoors and staying active - competitive powerlifting/bodybuilding, camping, hiking, SCUBA, rock climbing, adventuring, and sports of any flavour. Indoors, he may be found reading (philosophy, history, fantasy), building things, or (endlessly) meal prepping. He is beyond excited to begin residency, and to get to know everyone!
Allyson Wrubleski
Born and raised in Camrose, Allyson Wrubleski completed her Bachelor of Science at Augustana in physical education with a special interest in feminist theory and sport; she subsequently moved to Edmonton for medical school. Prior to the pandemic, she travelled lots, including hiking to Mount Everest Base Camp in Nepal and hiking to see the Silverback gorillas in Uganda. She also loves baking, running, good comedy, and sunny patios with friends. Her latest pandemic purchase is her new Saint Bernard puppy, Baloo! She cannot wait to join the EM family in Edmonton!


Kyle Anderson
Born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Kyle completed his undergraduate and medical degrees at the University of Saskatchewan before venturing West to join the Edmonton Emergency Medicine family. With a motor that doesn't’t stop (but occasionally slows down) Kyle is an avid fan of physical activity, whether it be exploring the great outdoors or getting a bit too competitive while playing sports. A coffee and craft beer enthusiast, Kyle is always prepared to catch up over a drink, especially if food is involved. His greatest weakness? Uncontrollable late-night snacking.
Stephanie Del Alba
Stephanie is a born and raised Edmontonian but has been away for the past few years for med school in Calgary and modelling in Toronto/Miami. Her main academic area of interest over the past few years has been addictions and working with other marginalized populations. In her free time she enjoys skiing (just took her AST1 in Dec!), fashion/photography, travelling around in her camper van, and get togethers with friends. She is very excited to be back working in her hometown and can’t wait to get to know each of you over the years! 
Melissa Pyrch
Melissa is one of the incoming PGY-1's in Emerg! Her name is Melissa, but most of her friends call her Mel. She is from a little tiny town in Southern Alberta called Taber, which happens to be the corn capital of Canada! She did her undergrad in Montreal before coming to the UofA for medical school and says she guesses that she is a true Edmontonian now! She loves to get a little too competitive at board games or a good old game of spikeball. And recently, she has gotten really into road biking and exploring our great city on two wheels! She can't wait to get started and meet everyone!
Stephanie Schindler
Born and raised in Istanbul, Stephanie moved to Canada to complete her post-secondary education at UBC Okanagan. Prior to attending medical school in Kelowna, she formally completed her Master's degree in Alzheimer's disease research and informally studied all the wine varietals that the Okanagan has to offer. She loves travelling, learning new languages and all things food related. She also enjoys being outdoors and is looking forward to running and biking in the River Valley!
Michael Taylor
Michael is one of the incoming PGY1's in Emergency Medicine. As a man of two provinces, he spent the first few years of hi life in Edmonton before leaving for Ontario in '93. It wasn't until 2014 that he rediscovered Alberta when his (painfully long) educational journey brought him back; He's been here ever since, but his family is still rooted in the Greater Toronto Area. Edmonton is now his second home, with plenty of new-found family. He enjoys writing acoustic folk songs and occasionally subjecting audiences to his performances. He also loves bicycling, camp fires, and hopes to try stand-up comedy at some point in the future!
Ryan Yip
Ryan is really looking forward to meeting and working with you all. He is originally from BC, but went to university in London, Ontario followed by medical training in Ottawa. He is excited to head back out west and experience the Alberta lifestyle! In his spare time, he enjoys playing ultimate frisbee, soccer, badminton, tennis, squash, and hitting up the gym. He is also a big foodie and is looking forward to exploring what Edmonton has to offer!


Alex Wilson
Alex grew up on a small blueberry farm in Pitt Meadows, BC. His rural
upbringing instilled a love for the outdoors, as well as a fondness for animals
and gardening. He is an avid aquarist and loves returning home to visit his
family and dogs. He is a POCUS pro and also interested in simulation. In his
free time, Alex enjoys making hot sauce and playing board games. He is kind
hearted, thoughtful, and always willing to lend a hand or an ear.
Edward Mason
Though Ed grew up playing soccer in the Vancouver rain, he’s learned
to embrace the Alberta winters by attempting to bike commute year-round.
When not cracking dad-jokes, he enjoys playing board games, reading about
obscure topics on and exploring the River Valley trails.
Mountain biking trips have been a highlight of residency (although his
co-residents agree that Ed’s “bin system” could use some work).
Erin Sachs
Hailing from Vancouver, Erin is the multi-talented renaissance woman
of the group. She is very active and loves to spend time outdoors. She is also
an impressive cook (you are truly missing out if you haven’t had the
opportunity to taste her baking), accomplished cellist, and Zwift fanatic. We
don’t know how she does it all! She is extremely thoughtful, kind, supportive,
and is one of the easiest people to talk to.
Nicholas Sajko
When he’s not running a code in the ED, you can find Nick cuddling with
his cat Max (née Molly, before Nick realized he was a boy; long story…),
snowboarding in the winter, or mountain biking in the summer. His medical
interests include critical care and toxicology. Despite being born and raised in
Halifax, Nick has somehow never gone fishing. If you want to get into his good
books, just buy him an aperol spritz at the bAARRR.
Sarah Weicker
Sarah is a self-professed cat lady and house plant enthusiast from
North Vancouver. When she’s not arguing with Ed about physics or
babysitting someone’s cat, she can be found hunting for the world’s spiciest
burrito. A secret genius, Sarah has a Masters in Chemistry which comes in
handy in explaining some of the more obscure Rosen’s intros to her
Stephanie Pilieci
As the only Edmonton local in the R3 group, Stephanie was quick to
make the rest of her cohort feel at home in YEG and can be found scouting out
local brunch spots, boutique stores, and the best places in the city to go for
walks. She is a Harry Potter nerd and a proud Hufflepuff. Steph is a kind,
supportive, and dedicated clinician and friend. She has a passion for medical
education and is without a doubt the most organized chief.


Kendra Young
Kendra grew up on a farm outside of Charlie Lake, BC. She completed her undergraduate degree in Ontario and medical school in BC. She is very active, enjoys spending time outdoors, and is an accomplished rock climber. When she was five, she dreamed of becoming a firefighter or horse tamer, but is pretty happy that she ended up in Emergency Medicine at the University of Alberta. She has a special interest in Wilderness Medicine and Medical Education. If you have any questions about the best place to go hiking or climbing in the Rockies, be sure to ask Kendra.
Brian Whiteside
After a typo resulted in him being enrolled in Physiology and Developmental Biology at the U of A, this smarty-two-shoes realized his mistake and changed to Physiology and Pharmacy, and then Medicine (talk about multi-faceted). After eight long years he earned his "you've been in university too long" degree. Once residing in a town called Calgary, he quickly became an Edmontonian, and chose to continue his training in our beautiful city. But there is absolutely no way to describe Brian, in all his glory, in just one paragraph. In fact, his own name has become the most used adjective to describe him. Not only is he an avid outdoorsman, traveler, and multi-sport athlete, Brian knows more about most topics than a seasoned news reporter. Just be careful when going on a tour with him of the city… he knows SO much, that driving with him while narrating may simulate a near death experience. Furthermore, if you are ever in need of a coupon, Brian is ever ready with tips and tricks to save dollars, including biking year round throughout the city. Lastly, there are few among us with a work ethic like Brian, but every program needs a resident who is tempted to pull out his text book at a bumping party!
Emma Meeuwisse
We feel for you, there are a lot of vowels… but say it with us May-wiss-ahhh. Emma's true beginning started at the end of a dirt road on the prairie. She attributes much of her free spirit and determined nature to her early days on the farm. However, she eventually packed her bags and ventured to the big city to complete her undergraduate degrees at the University of Calgary. But when the opportunity arose, she quickly travelled north to complete her EM residency and said goodbye to Calgary and the Flames. A former varsity volleyball player and kinesiology major, Emma brings to the program health conscious smoothies, a competitive flare (perhaps flare is a bit of an understatement), a strong willed laser-loving cat, and her ever positive attitude (voted #1 pep talker during sports by our group). Let's be honest, Emma couldn't survive the city without at least one animal and a host of plants to simulate nature's touch. But if you are looking for a workout or health tips ask Emma - she may even take 10 minutes before her second workout of the day to walk you through the sets she did during her first one!
Karla Finn
A Newfoundlander (newfie) at heart. Karla completed a biochemistry undergraduate degree (a daunting task) and medical school at Memorial University. However, she eventually opted to leave the ocean views behind in exchange for the prairies, sunlight, and a much needed dose of vitamin D. But don't worry, she came gifted to us with her roots attached. Beyond her sailing knot knowledge, Karla also carries with her a hidden Newfie accent. If she denies this, just ask her what day our academic day falls on… and you will hear the amazing pronunciation of "Toooosdayyy," to show for it. Karla is so wild at heart in the best possible way. While most of her co-residents were relaxing on a beach somewhere during their time off before residency, Karla enrolled herself in a surfing school boot camp - only to become a well known presence on the Portuguese west coast. She truly is an adventurous soul and has a great love for her EM family and family back home. If you're a friend of Karla's, you've got a true friend and advocate indeed.
Lindsay Grant-Nunn
Born in the eastern land of Nova Scotia, Lindsay is an over-comer. As if moving across the country was not enough, she was welcomed to Edmonton with copious environmental adversity, including (but not limited to), flooding and automobile carnage. But despite this, she always remains amazingly positive and a life giving presence. Lindsay is very kind hearted, but also has the ability to be very decisive whenever a situation calls for leadership. One thing that you may not know about Lindsay is that she comes from a long line of chefs… so with this knowledge in mind we recommend that you take every opportunity to learn from her hidden cooking alchemy expertise. In addition to her seasoned taste buds, Lindsay is also very adventurous at heart and has a determined nature. She is always excited to try new things and does not shy away from unchartered waters. Lindsay was also voted most likely by her peers to be one of the coolest and kindest staff members to future learners because she is so down-to-earth. Edmonton is lucky to have snagged Lindsay from the East.
Lisa Ying
One of two former Vancouverites, Lisa didn't believe in Edmonton's winter and decided to experience it herself after completing both her undergraduate degree in Biology and medical school in Vancouver. Lisa has many hidden talents and a unique sense of humor, which is incredibly contagious. One of her many talents includes fashioning a variety of different lunches from merely 3-4 grass-root ingredients. But in all seriousness, one of the most amazing things about Lisa is that she is very confident in her own skin. She stands up for what she believes in, even if that means saying no to peer pressure when in need of a good nap. Lisa is also incredibly generous… if you are a medical student or a co-resident… make sure to walk alongside Lisa. She never lets you pay for your own share of a meal, and is very quick to spoil the medical students from around the globe. As a cohort, we can't wait to see what Lisa chooses as her sub-specialty. She has a variety of interests but is sure to break the mold and reach new heights for the specialty of emergency medicine.
Michael Louie
The second in the bunch to escape the busy streets of Vancouver and pioneer his way to wild rose country. Louie is quite the character, and is probably one of the more laid back members of the crew. Keeping the team balanced, Louie is known for interpreting the worst of situations casually as, "ok… perhaps less than ideal." But besides being cool off the court, he is also an avid athlete, and can be often found in the Pulse Generator, working solely on his traps. Louie is a baller and a shot caller, and the group would not be the same without his casual poses and peanut gallery comments. In keeping with his balanced constitution, Mike is more than just athletic and smart, and often partakes in creative ventures, like making ice cream and home decor. Although he may give off a city-slicka vibe, he is definitely a talented dude and way more than just a pretty face. With his cool-as-a-cucumber demeanor, we are not surprised that he landed in the midst of a high acuity specialty and we are thankful to have someone in the group who brings stability to the rollercoaster that is residency.