Resident Profiles


  • Alexander Wilson
    Alex Wilson is from a little blueberry farm in Pitt Meadows, BC. His favourite pizza is pepperoni, olives, and mushrooms. When he was 5 he wanted to be a veterinarian. He's a dog person and his favourite movie is the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
  • Edward Mason
    Edward Mason is from Vancouver, BC. His favourite pizza is ham and pineapple. When he was 5 he wanted to be Ronaldo (90s Ronaldo, not Cristiano). He loves all animals except pigeons and his favourite movie is any from the Lord of the Rings.
  • Erin Sachs
    Erin Sachs is from Vancouver, BC. Her favourite pizza is classic margherita. When she was 5 she wanted to be a Beluga whale trainer. Both cats and dogs! Please email with any dog walking or cat sitting inquiries and her favourite movie is Return of the King (LoTR).
  • Kendra Young
    Kendra grew up on a farm outside of Charlie Lake, BC. When she was five she wanted to be a Fire fighter or a horse tamer and her favourite food is BBQ chicken and a side of ranch.
    She is 100% a dog person but if the cat tolerates me, she'll tolerate it haha. Her favourite movie is Inside Out by Pixar. she says she bawls everytime.
  • Nicholas Sajko
    Nicholas Sajko is from Halifax, NS. His favourite pizza is Sausage, bacon, mushrooms, green pepper, and pineapple. When he was 5 he wanted to be a Professional Skateboarder or Lego Master Builder. He likes both dogs and cats and his favourite movie is a tie between "John Wick" (the first one) and "Stepbrothers".
  • Sarah Weicker
    Sarah Weicker is from North Vancouver, BC. Her favourite pizza is as many veggies as possible - bonus points for hot peppers or lots of chilli. When she was 5 she wanted to be a paleontologist. She says she is guilty of being a crazy cat lady and her favourite movie is Jurassic Park and anything with Tom Hanks.
  • Stephanie Pilieci
    Stephanie Pilieci is from Edmonton, AB. Her favourite pizza is pepperoni and roasted red peppers. When she was 5 she wanted to be Prime Minister. She is a dog person and her favourite movie is Lion.


  • Brian Whiteside

    After a typo resulted in him being enrolled in Physiology and Developmental Biology at the U of A, this smarty-two-shoes realized his mistake and changed to Physiology and Pharmacy, and then Medicine (talk about multi-faceted). After eight long years he earned his "you've been in university too long" degree. Once residing in a town called Calgary, he quickly became an Edmontonian, and chose to continue his training in our beautiful city. But there is absolutely no way to describe Brian, in all his glory, in just one paragraph. In fact, his own name has become the most used adjective to describe him. Not only is he an avid outdoorsman, traveler, and multi-sport athlete, Brian knows more about most topics than a seasoned news reporter. Just be careful when going on a tour with him of the city… he knows SO much, that driving with him while narrating may simulate a near death experience. Furthermore, if you are ever in need of a coupon, Brian is ever ready with tips and tricks to save dollars, including biking year round throughout the city. Lastly, there are few among us with a work ethic like Brian, but every program needs a resident who is tempted to pull out his text book at a bumping party!

  • Emma Meeuwisse

    We feel for you, there are a lot of vowels… but say it with us May-wiss-ahhh. Emma's true beginning started at the end of a dirt road on the prairie. She attributes much of her free spirit and determined nature to her early days on the farm. However, she eventually packed her bags and ventured to the big city to complete her undergraduate degrees at the University of Calgary. But when the opportunity arose, she quickly travelled north to complete her EM residency and said goodbye to Calgary and the Flames. A former varsity volleyball player and kinesiology major, Emma brings to the program health conscious smoothies, a competitive flare (perhaps flare is a bit of an understatement), a strong willed laser-loving cat, and her ever positive attitude (voted #1 pep talker during sports by our group). Let's be honest, Emma couldn't survive the city without at least one animal and a host of plants to simulate nature's touch. But if you are looking for a workout or health tips ask Emma - she may even take 10 minutes before her second workout of the day to walk you through the sets she did during her first one!

  • Karla Finn
    A Newfoundlander (newfie) at heart. Karla completed a biochemistry undergraduate degree (a daunting task) and medical school at Memorial University. However, she eventually opted to leave the ocean views behind in exchange for the prairies, sunlight, and a much needed dose of vitamin D. But don't worry, she came gifted to us with her roots attached. Beyond her sailing knot knowledge, Karla also carries with her a hidden Newfie accent. If she denies this, just ask her what day our academic day falls on… and you will hear the amazing pronunciation of "Toooosdayyy," to show for it. Karla is so wild at heart in the best possible way. While most of her co-residents were relaxing on a beach somewhere during their time off before residency, Karla enrolled herself in a surfing school boot camp - only to become a well known presence on the Portuguese west coast. She truly is an adventurous soul and has a great love for her EM family and family back home. If you're a friend of Karla's, you've got a true friend and advocate indeed.
  • Lindsay Grant-Nunn
    Born in the eastern land of Nova Scotia, Lindsay is an over-comer. As if moving across the country was not enough, she was welcomed to Edmonton with copious environmental adversity, including (but not limited to), flooding and automobile carnage. But despite this, she always remains amazingly positive and a life giving presence. Lindsay is very kind hearted, but also has the ability to be very decisive whenever a situation calls for leadership. One thing that you may not know about Lindsay is that she comes from a long line of chefs… so with this knowledge in mind we recommend that you take every opportunity to learn from her hidden cooking alchemy expertise. In addition to her seasoned taste buds, Lindsay is also very adventurous at heart and has a determined nature. She is always excited to try new things and does not shy away from unchartered waters. Lindsay was also voted most likely by her peers to be one of the coolest and kindest staff members to future learners because she is so down-to-earth. Edmonton is lucky to have snagged Lindsay from the East.
  • Lisa Ying
    One of two former Vancouverites, Lisa didn't believe in Edmonton's winter and decided to experience it herself after completing both her undergraduate degree in Biology and medical school in Vancouver. Lisa has many hidden talents and a unique sense of humor, which is incredibly contagious. One of her many talents includes fashioning a variety of different lunches from merely 3-4 grass-root ingredients. But in all seriousness, one of the most amazing things about Lisa is that she is very confident in her own skin. She stands up for what she believes in, even if that means saying no to peer pressure when in need of a good nap. Lisa is also incredibly generous… if you are a medical student or a co-resident… make sure to walk alongside Lisa. She never lets you pay for your own share of a meal, and is very quick to spoil the medical students from around the globe. As a cohort, we can't wait to see what Lisa chooses as her sub-specialty. She has a variety of interests but is sure to break the mold and reach new heights for the specialty of emergency medicine.
  • Michael Louie

    The second in the bunch to escape the busy streets of Vancouver and pioneer his way to wild rose country. Louie is quite the character, and is probably one of the more laid back members of the crew. Keeping the team balanced, Louie is known for interpreting the worst of situations casually as, "ok… perhaps less than ideal." But besides being cool off the court, he is also an avid athlete, and can be often found in the Pulse Generator, working solely on his traps. Louie is a baller and a shot caller, and the group would not be the same without his casual poses and peanut gallery comments. In keeping with his balanced constitution, Mike is more than just athletic and smart, and often partakes in creative ventures, like making ice cream and home decor. Although he may give off a city-slicka vibe, he is definitely a talented dude and way more than just a pretty face. With his cool-as-a-cucumber demeanor, we are not surprised that he landed in the midst of a high acuity specialty and we are thankful to have someone in the group who brings stability to the rollercoaster that is residency.


  • Chad Kilburn

    Chad is a born and raised Edmontonian, only taking a three year reprieve from the city to complete a Business degree in Vancouver. Working for seven years in an investment sales firm, Chad yearned to "make a difference" and decided medicine would be the appropriate avenue. Once a figure skater (yes, you read that correctly) and now an avid Crossfitter (who does not tell everyone about it), you can find him chilling at the lake in the summer and on the slopes in the winter. Always good for a laugh, a chat and some red wine, but don't expect him to Snapchat.

  • Cristian Vadeanu

    As a proud Vancouverite, this new Albertan spends as much time outdoors as a busy residency schedule allows. Cristian is described by his co-residents as ridiculously unpredictable and one demonstrating extreme spontaneity. When not back flipping out of airplanes or hanging off of cliffs in the Rockies, he aims to pursue his love for water and surfing by living at West Edmonton Mall's water park. At home, Cristian could be found portraying his hopeless romantic side with his love for cooking and playing the Spanish guitar. As an extrovert, his outgoing personality makes for great connections and much-needed hilarious conversations so do not hesitate to get in touch.

  • Elizabeth Williams
    Elizabeth has brown hair, green eyes and is 177 cm tall according to her driver's license. But maybe you want to know more about her as a person. She was born in London, England then grew up in Newfoundland and Toronto where she spent most of her time in dance studios (or in the car, on the way to another dance studio). Unfortunately, an injury meant she had to leave her dream of becoming a professional ballerina behind, so now she spends most of her time trying (and failing at) other sports or hanging out with her main love- her golden retriever Dug. She completed medical school in Calgary but couldn't resist the great program in Edmonton. If you want to get Elizabeth talking, ask her about any reality TV show, her trip to Japan or her favourite dessert (donuts!).
  • Jesse Hill
    An Edmontonian through and through, Jesse can be found running through the river valley year-round; though, generally with less company in the dead of winter. As a die-hard Oilers fan, he was elated to follow in the footsteps of Connor McDavid and sign long term with the Edmonton EM team. Jesse has an inquisitive nature and has been drawn to numerous research projects from a diverse background, including: urban coyotes, asthma, prostate cancer, and every Science student's favorite fly, Drosophila melanogaster. He's interested in pursuing his Master's degree during his fourth year. An avid golfer, he would love to take anyone out for a round!
  • Shannon Pretty

    This transplant from Ontario dreamed of becoming a Broadway actress, but after hosting a talk show and spending a year studying theatre in Toronto, she quickly realized medicine was much more exhilarating. She also discovered her singing voice left much to be desired! After completing medical school in Ottawa, she was beyond ecstatic to join the U of A EM family! When she isn't wandering the hospital corridors, hopelessly lost, you'll find Shan venturing to the mountains for a hike or bike with her husband and golden lab, Molly, or enjoying some quality patio time.


  • Albert Mallia

    This Toronto native dreamed of becoming an astronaut when he grew up, but decided to get his pilot's license instead. Albert went to the University of Waterloo to become a video game developer for the "Halo" series, but soon realized that medicine was the way to go. He completed medical school and his MBA in Edmonton and is excited to join the EM family here. Albert is interested in disaster medicine, teaching, and integrated technology. When he isn't flying planes, playing guitar, or BBQing, you'll find this Spanish-speaking man salsa dancing!

  • Isabelle Gray

    Isabelle originally wanted to become a dolphin trainer and prepared for this by competing as a synchronized swimmer. Despite various injuries and near-concussions, she's still swimming. On land, Izzy enjoys playing guitar, wine and mountain adventures (in any order). After finishing her undergrad at Queen's, Izzy returned to Edmonton for the people and the skiing (and for her Master's and med school). She's interested in medical education and research, but plans to spend fourth year snuggling with her massive puppy, Bruce. Her outgoing personality, dedication, and optimism are contagious, and we couldn't be happier to have her on board!

  • Kevin Skoblenick

    Kevin grew up on a fruit and vegetable farm in Ontario that he describes as 'large' at a mere 200 acres. Following his undergrad and graduate work at both McMaster and Western University he made the trek westward to Edmonton. He claims that his years of drumming in a punk band have honed his CPR compressions to a metronome-like precision while his interest in mental health emergencies was triggered by grad work on schizophrenia and ketamine. During his downtime you can probably find him in a backcountry campsite reading some quality science fiction.

  • Kristin Morch

    A Vancouver Island girl born and raised, Kristin is thrilled to try out her new parka on the streets of Edmonton. She pursued varsity rowing, art school and microbiology before finding her love for emergency medicine. Joined in Edmonton by her husband/high school sweetheart, you will find this duo cross country skiing or climbing mountains in their spare time. Don't be fooled by her endearingly awkward personality. Bestowed with the energy of a hummingbird and the friendliness of a golden retriever, Kristin is sure to become your go-to-gal for power-chatting.

  • Nina Lam

    Nina grew up on the mean streets of Edmonton's west side, where she cultivated a love for 90s R&B and hip hop that continues to this day. After completing a stint in the business faulty, she quickly realized that accounting and finance were not her strong suit-as her online shopping addiction may attest to. In her spare time, you can find her putzing around in her backyard garden, growing monster zucchini, reading about, cooking or eating all things food related, pretending to canoe and chasing after her giant dog and normal sized husband in Edmonton's river valley and various hiking trails in the Rockies. Make sure to ask her to see pictures of Wally the Dog-she has thousands on her phone.

  • Rebecca Schonnop

    Rebecca grew up as a B.C. West Coaster, with her family that's closer than paint on a wall. But alas, she couldn't resist the amazing-ness of Edmonton's program and people, so she decided to make the move after completing medical school at UBC. Sadly, she left her furry friends at home, so don't be alarmed if she befriends you just so she can play with your dog. Pick your adventure and she's your gal, Rebecca is always up for anything from Netflix binges, crazy dance parties, to mountain hiking. When she isn't outdoors, she is often discussing food or baking tasty treats (good thing she's active!). You'll realize soon after meeting her that her organizational skills rival that of a circus trainer. After leading a global health project in East Africa, she seeks other international medicine opportunities, loves to talk travel, and always has another trip in the works. Rebecca can't wait to find a new home away from home in Edmonton!


  • Alistair Eksteen

    You wouldn't know it if you met him, but Alistair is actually a pretty cool guy. He was born in South Africa, but spent most of his life in Edmonton, attending UofA for both undergrad and med school. He also has his PILOT'S LICENSE and makes a mean moose sausage (with meat he hunts himself!). Most importantly, he managed to find himself a Grade A+ wife who feeds him a little too well (we appreciate that he gives softer hugs now). But our real favourite thing about Alistair is his perpetual good mood and that he will always ALWAYS have your back!

  • Amanda Schouten

    Amanda is happy to be back home after completing medical school at the University of Calgary. She has a legendarily dry sense of humour as well as some great fishing stories from her favourite place - Baptiste Lake. She loves to travel and in a pinch you can always count on her having snacks hidden away as the designated mom of the group. We affectionately call her "Jam" but you'll have to ask her in person why.

  • Elfriede Cross

    Elfriede came to Edmonton after completing a Bachelor of Sciences degree at the University of Lethbridge. After medical school in Edmonton, she was thrilled to join the amazing U of A Emergency Medicine team! Outside of medicine she can usually be found outdoors exploring new trails with her four legged friends or practicing her photography skills. Although she was born outside of Canada, during the arctic season she likes to spend time trying new winter sports - although most of her time is spent getting up from a fall or trying not to run over children on skis.

  • Jeff Odenbach

    Jeff is a U of A lifer and has been wandering around campus for 11 years during his undergrad and grad degrees in Biochemistry followed by medical school. His limited attention span and need for adrenaline sparked his interest and led him to our field of emergency medicine. Jeff is easily distracted by outdoor activities including mountain biking, snowboarding and bungee jumping. Despite his need to constantly keep moving, Jeff can block the entire universe out for 10 straight hours 18 Sundays a year and carefully follow every NFL game in hopes of reliving his glory as fantasy football champ.

  • Jessica Hann

    Born and raised in the salty winds of Newfoundland, Jess moved to the promised land at the end of highschool. Her favorite activity is eating, as demonstrated by a voracious appetite that rivals a baby dinosaur. This, along with her magnetic character, earned her the beloved nickname Big Jessie. She balances her appetite with her second favorite activity: running. She is frequently spotted on the river valley trails around Edmonton. Big Jessie will be a great companion during residency as she is charismatic and brings people together with her good-natured spirit.

  • Joshua Bezanson

    Joshua was a rolling stone for the first half of his life living in various parts of Europe and the Caribbean but spent most of his time growing up in Calgary before moving to Canmore. His background is in emergency services having worked in the Canadian Coast Guard and then in Fire and EMS. Before realizing medicine was his calling he worked as a journalist in both TV and radio. In the summer he can typically be found on a paddling trip somewhere and in the winter he tries to spend as much time on the ski hill as he can.