Grants Received

grants received table

PI: McCabe, C., Rousseau, F. et al. Precision Medicine Policy Network (Genome Canada GAPH Network). 2016-2018 ($2 million).


PI: McCabe, C. , Bubela T. et al. Personalised and Cost Effective Access to 'Omics Technologies (PACEOMICS) (Genome Canada Large Scale Applied Research Project). 2013 - 2018 ($4.35 million).


PI: Menon, D. McCabe C. et al. Promoting Rare Disease Innovations through innovative mechanisms. (CIHR Team Grant). 2012 - 2017 ($1.1 million).


PI: Salvaggio, G. Co-Is: McCabe C. Wild C. et al. ARCHE Programme Implementation and Evaluation. (Alberta Innovates Health Solutions). 2014-2017 ($750,000).


PI: Mushwaha, V. Co-Is: McCabe, C. Zygun, D. et al. SMART_E pants evaluation. (Alberta Innovates Health Solutions). 2014-2017 ($750,000).


PI: Bubela T. Co-I: McCabe C. BioCanRx: Adaptive Trial and Reimbursement in Cancer Immunotherapy (BioCanRx NCE). 2016-2019 ($320,000).


PI: Kimmelman, J. Co-I: McCabe C., Ferguson, D. BioCanRx: Expert Forecasting in Cancer Immunotherapy Trial Design. (BioCanRx NCE) 2016-2019 ($410,000).


PI: Shapiro, J. Co-I. McCabe, C. Bubela, T. et al. Innovative Transplant Therapies for Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus. (Alberta Innovates Health Solutions). 2013-2018 ($5 million).