Integrated Emergency Master Plan

The IEMP was approved by EPC in June 2011.

Access to the IEMP is by permission only to the Crisis Management Team.

Section 1: Common Responsibilities
Section 2: Emergency Types
Section 3: Training
Section 4: Site Actions
Section 5: Communications
Section 6: Emergency Response Organization
Section 7: First Responders
Section 8: Emergency Policy Group
Section 9: Crisis Management Team
Section 10: Sites
Section 11: Recovery
Section 12: Reduction
Forms & Appendices


Sub plans:
Initial IAP
IAP Template
Crisis Communications Plan
Crisis Counselling Plan
Public Health Response Plan
Off-Campus Incident Plan
Data Loss Plan
Severe Weather Plan
Widespread Damage Plan
North Campus Evacuation Plan
EOC Deactivation Plan
Utilities DRP (A summary)
Reception Centre Plan
Student Fatality Response Plan
Staff or Faculty Fatality Response Plan
Outage Response Plan
Water Loss Plan
Augustana Emergency Plan
Campus Saint - Jean Plan