First Aid

To determine your first aid needs:

1. Review Schedule 2 of the Occupational Health & Safety Code: is your work "low" or "high" hazard? If neither, your work is considered "moderate" hazard.

2. Depending on the hazard level of your work, review Table 5, 6, or 7 

3. Determine your first aid kit and first aider requirements depending on your number of workers and distance from a hospital

Automated External Defilbrilators (AEDs)

An automated external defibrillator (AED) is a portable electronic device installed in a public place to improve the survival rate of an individual suffering cardiac arrest. You will find AEDs in many U of A buildings. AEDs are purchased and managed by units and departments.

The Emergency Management Team will support any department who chooses to purchase an AED; however, we do not manage or coordinate them. 

The purchase and funding for a device are the responsibility of individual departments and faculties. The Heart Safe Community provides a list of vendors.

Approximate costs:

  • Unit ($1500 and up)
  • New battery:($170-240) every four years
  • New pads ($50) every two years

If you would like help finding or purchasing an AED, email

We recommend that each AED be registered with the Heart Safe Community, a program operated by Alberta Health Services (AHS). Locations of U of A registered AEDs are accessible by 911 dispatch and first responders. 

AEDs do require some ongoing maintenance and monitoring; this task will need to be assigned to someone in the department that purchases the AED.

AEDs are governed by the Emergency Medical Aid Act. Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) also provides recommendations surrounding AEDs. Refer to the Heart Safe Community Public Access to Defibrillation website for further information.

List of Known AEDs on North Campus