Get involved

  • You are a risk manager.  Notify your instructor or supervisor if your lab, teaching facility or workspace seems unsafe. Contact for help.

  • Volunteer as a Warden - Every University space requires a Floor Warden to assist during evacuations.  YOU could be that Floor Warden!  Contact the Facilities and Operations Health and Safety folks via e-mail at

  • Exercise participant - Always wanted to participate in an emergency management exercise?  Contact  to volunteer as a simulator making phone calls in a particular role, or acting in person as someone affected by an emergency


  • Crisis management team - This is the executive level team that meets to coordinate response to major emergencies.  We're not asking you to act as the Provost, but there's always a need for scribes and 'worker-bees' during a major emergency.  Contact or more information.

  • Technical assistance - We are always looking for experts in all disciplines to contribute their expertise to emergency planning at the University.  If you have a skill, we can use it!  (especially if that expertise is, in any way, related to communications....)  Contact

  • Share the message - Share this website with your colleagues. Tell someone when you receive a U of A Alert.