New Sculpture at CSJ

The artist Stewart Steinhauer who created the stone sculpture the Esprit Ours (Bear Spirit) came to Campus Saint-Jean (CSJ) on May 11th to exhibit his new artwork: Mother Bears Pray For Earth Healing.

Open Minds: Celebration of Social Sciences and Humanities Research

On November 1st, 2016, Maite Snauwaert of CSJ participated in “Open Minds: Celebration of Social Sciences and Humanities Research”

Full-fledged faculty of the University of Alberta, Campus Saint-Jean is a Canadian academic institution training leaders for the 21st Century and prepared to play a significant role in the global village.

The campus offers a rich and varied education focused on the overall development of individuals and leads many active research projects in different areas of expertise including the arts,sciences, social sciences and education.

With its nine undergraduate programs and two master's programs, the campus brings the best of University of Alberta ... into French!

In addition to being very active locally, the Campus is carving an increasingly prominent place on the stage nationally and internationally. Our students come from more than 30 countries around the world and the faculty also shows a cosmopolitan face. Today, the campus is not longer an Franco-Alberta institution only, but an institution of the Canadian and international Francophonie.

The excellence of our students has undoubtedly contributed to make of the University of Alberta one of the leading Canadian universities. Internationally, the University ranks 59th among the best universities around the world.

Studying or working at Campus Saint-Jean is living a life experience to build tomorrow's society.

10 reasons to choose Campus Saint-Jean

  • Study in French in Western Canada;
  • Take advantage of the comprehensive Scholarship Program;
  • Enjoy the possibilities of enriching international exchanges;
  • Explore the wealth of our cultural diversity;
  • Access the unique personalized training available through individualized support;
  • Operate some of the most innovative technology available in the country;
  • Learn or perfect a new language;
  • Make the most of a stimulating and enriching student life;
  • Receive professional development through a wide range of varied and balanced programming;
  • Be the recipient of prestigious training to be a future Leader of the 21st Century with a degree from the University of Alberta.