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Office of the Dean

Senior Administration

Fraser Forbes
Dean of Engineering
Phone: 780-492-3596

Jason Carey
Associate Dean (Programs & Planning)
Phone: 780-492-0501

Don Raboud
Associate Dean (Student & Co-op Services)
Phone: 780-492-3810

Ying Tsui
Associate Dean (Research & Internationalization)
Phone: 780-492-3192

Ania Ulrich
Associate Dean (Outreach)
Phone: 780-492-8293

Valérie Bélisle
Assistant Dean (Advancement)
Phone: 780-492-4123

Luanne Currie
Assistant Dean (Operations)
Phone: 780-492-5925

Stephen Heipel
Assistant Dean (Reputation)

Lynne Roberge
Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Engineering
Phone: 780-492-3596

Jill Stanton
Administrative Assistant (Associate Dean, Student Services and Co-op)
Phone: 780-492-5398

Kelly Maher
Director (Research & Internationalization)
Phone: 780-248-1321


Valerie Belisle
Assistant Dean, Advancement
Phone: 780-492-4123

Kyla Amrhein
Director, Advancement
Phone: 780-492-4114 

Brad Woronuk
Associate Director, Advancement
Phone: 780-492-5080

Jackie Lewyk
Associate Director, Advancement
Phone: 780-492-7167

Ashley Davis
Associate Director, Advancement
Phone: 780-492-3529

James (Zhaowei) Wang
Assistant Director, Advancement
Phone: 780-492-8969

Alumni Services
(i.e. change of address)
Phone: 780-492-7050

Finance & Human Resources

Kathleen Edwards
Executive Director, Operations
Phone: 780-248-1579

Andrea Anthony
Director (Finance)
Phone: 780-492-8462

Lynne Roberge
Human Resources (Academic)
Phone: 780-492-3596
Fax: 780-492-0500

Doris Riedner
Finance Coordinator / Team Lead
Phone: 780-492-2366

Linda Jiao
Team Lead (Budget and Financial Analysis)
Phone: 780-492-0154


Richard Cairney 
Director, Communications and Marketing
Phone: 780-492-4514

Kristy Burke
Advancement Communications Co-ordinator
Phone: 780-248-1802

Winston Pei
Digital Content Strategist
Phone: 780-492-1454

Yubing Xu
Communications Assistant
Phone: 780-492-3684

Facilities and Technology

Keith Franklin 
Director (Facilities & Technology)
Phone: 780-492-1486


Software Engineering