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ALL FACULTY MEMBERS are invited to attend and participate in the upcoming Faculty Forums. We hope professors at all ranks will join the conversation and provide everyone the benefit of their experience. Snacks and a small lunch is served for those who sign up.

Upcoming Forums

Metacognition and Lifelong Learning
June 26, 2019, 9 am - 10:30 am
7-395 Donadeo Innovation Centre for Engineering

Please join Marnie Jamieson for a workshop on Metacognition and Lifelong Learning.

Marnie and her colleague, Greg Evans (University of Toronto), are presenting this workshop at CEEA that weekend, and we have invited them to share the experience with faculty. John Nychka will be co-facilitating this workshop.

Please note: This workshop will be held immediately prior to the Faculty Forum on "Preparing for retirement" (see below) which begins at 11am. Come spend the day with us on these important topics for your teaching and future.


Lifelong learning is becoming increasingly important to the career success of engineering graduates. Metacognition is the knowledge of cognition and the regulation of cognition. In terms of engineering student learning, the instruction of metacognition can be viewed as “learning about learning” so as to “learn how to learn” and to identify ones own learning needs. This framing fits well with the “knowing and doing” applied knowledge construct inherent to engineering. In addition, metacognition informs the processes of professional development and continual course improvement.

This workshop will describe the instruction of metacognition as a mechanism to support self-directed and lifelong learning. Concepts relevant to metacognition, self directed learning and lifelong learning will be introduced and their application will be described in relation to the instruction of engineering courses. Participants will complete an inventory, as a guide to reflect on their own approaches to teaching and this learning will be discussed in relation to promoting awareness of metacognition in their students. Participants will be able to consider how they can use metacognition in their own teaching and course development process. Learning moments and a proposed framework for engineering education will be presented and discussed.

Pre-workshop material will be sent one week prior to those who register.

Please RSVP on the registration page for the Metacognition and Lifelong Learning workshop.

Retirement Session
June 26, 2019, 11 am to 1 pm
7-395 Donadeo Innovation Centre for Engineering

Retirement is rarely on our minds at any stage of our career; however, planning early on can help prepare you for that next stage of your life, whenever you decide to make the call. This new Faculty Forum will be offered by human resources services and an expert consultant to provide you tips on how to prepare for retirement at whichever stage of your career you are at. This is the first time we offer this forum and will only repeat every few years.

The forum is intended for every faculty members.

Please note that the location is subject to change depending on enrolment.

A light lunch will be served to those who RSVP using the registration page for this retirement session.


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Possible Future Forums

  • Media communications and writing research summaries
  • Teaching design in the faculty
  • Creating a faculty culture of mentorship: how to be a mentor and a mentee (two separate forums)