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Faculty Forums

ALL FACULTY MEMBERS are invited to attend and participate in the upcoming Faculty Forums. We hope professors at all ranks will join the conversation and provide everyone the benefit of their experience.

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Each forum typically runs from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in room 7-395, Donadeo Innovation Centre for Engineering. The forums are already underway, while some scheduled for the fall and winter are still being planned. The following forums are being offered:

Accreditation matters and crash course in Faculty policies and guidelines Aug. 23

As part of an accredited engineering program, faculty members and other instructors are integral to ensuring that our programs are the best they can be. During this forum, we will provide information on the accreditation process, describe the roles of everyone in the well-being of our programs, and highlight important academic policies and guidelines.


  • What is it?
  • Where are we in the process?
  • What are we doing?
  • What is needed?
  • What are the critical systems in place?

Policies and guidelines:

  • Academic policies
  • Computer policies
  • What is in the calendar that I should know?
  • Graduate program guidelines

Career progression
TBA Fall 2017

Everyone wants to succeed in their academic career. But what does it take to be successful? Is there a magic formula? Are there tricks? Come listen and partake in this forum where we will all discuss and learn about what it means to be an academic faculty member in engineering. The broad subjects that we will discuss are:

  • Career progression
  • Evaluation, tenure, promotion
  • Work-life balance – managing expectations
  • Benefits
  • Panel of the wise
  • Mentorship program

Working with Students
TBA Fall 2017

I used to be a student; it must be easy to interact with them! If only it were that easy. Supervisors and instructors have a number of responsibilities with regards to their students. During this forum, associate chairs will discuss many of the graduate program issues that all should know. Undergraduate student relations will also be discussed.

  • Grad student matters
  • Grad chair panel
  • Undergraduate student matters

Academic service and faculty services
TBA Fall 2017

In this forum we examine service: academic service –
How many papers, grants should I review in a year?
Should I be on this panel?

Services in the faculty –
Who can help me pay for this grad student?
What do you mean I am liable if someone gets hurt in my lab?

Media Relations – sharing our stories
March 7, 2018

Working with media is now more than ever an important part of a researcher’s tool kit to better market their research to the various audiences that they need to work with or for. This workshop will cover media relations and tricks and tips on how to write a summary for and talk to a lay audience.

Writing a great academic CV
January 23, 2018

There are many kinds of academic CVs. When applying for grants, awards, or other opportunities, having a remarkable CV that meets reader expectations and puts your best foot forward can make all the difference. The workshop offered by Professor Janet Elliott, Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, will focus on expected elements, techniques and strategies for writing different kinds of academic CVs. Dr. Elliott has served on academic hiring committees, a faculty evaluation committee, national and university level award selection committees, and national grant review panels for NSERC, CIHR and the Canadian Space Agency, and has contributed to the university’s internal processes for CIHR and NSERC grants and Canada Research Chairs.