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Your well-being as a student matters. Your well-being as a staff & faculty member matters.

Collectively, the Faculty of Engineering has created the Engineering Wellness Program to promote and aid in the health and wellness of our community. Throughout the year, the Engineering Wellness Program is actively involved in the promotion of initiatives that aim to promote overall well-being and a community culture of resilience.

Initiatives open to students, staff, and faculty:

Engineering Wellness Week BoothEngineering Wellness Week occurs in Fall and Winter term, providing students and staff the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities facilitated by the Engineering Wellness Program. We are proud to have partnered with organizations such as the Chimo Animal Assisted Wellness and Learning Society (CAAWLS), Unitea, LiveWell Paint Night, and more. In addition, free wellness workshops, Take A Break, and yoga sessions are also provided to promote the wellbeing of both staff and students.

Engineering Wellness Self-Care KitAll first-year students attending the Engg 100 class receive an Engineering Self-Care Kit water bottle assembled by volunteers and our Engineering Wellness Team. The Self-Care Kit provides students with the resources they need to help navigate the obstacles associated with transitioning into their first year of university.

Students and staff also have the opportunity to reset and recharge by attending Take A Break biweekly during the Fall and Winter terms from noon until 3 pm. We offer a wide variety of games and activities along with refreshments and snacks. Our partnership with Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery (SPUD) provide attendees with fresh and organic snacks to enjoy during their break with us.

To promote the education of health and wellness, the Faculty of Engineering’s Satellite Psychologist Jasmine Bajwa hosts the ENGG Wellness Hacks & Snacks workshops the first Tuesday of each month. We have also coordinated with engineering groups, units, and departments to provide seminars that support students in their development. Finally, educational materials are available through our installed Wellness Resource cabinets, resource boards in residence, and online through the Engineering Student Wellness Program website.

During high stress times of midterms and finals, you may find our Wellness Team handing out healthy snacks in our student work areas. Students are encouraged to nourish their minds while studying.

It is our mission to continue to develop and expand our program for students, staff, and faculty. Through the development and continued improvement of the Engineering Wellness Program, we hope to generate an Engineering culture of collaboration, belonging, resilience, and success.