Trusted leadership

Who sets such standards for our professors students and support staff? Our eight Deans have shown vision and leadership in planning our Faculty’s future. In his history of the Faculty, Sons of Martha, the late Dean Ford observed that each Dean creatively used the resources available in his time to expand engineering at U of A. The Deans have also established care, trust, and responsibility as touchstones during the tremendous expansion of the Faculty, where education, research, community – and now history – have become interwoven. On this hundredth anniversary, Dean Lynch sees the Faculty preparing its members to serve the most fundamental current and future needs of our society.

Connecting Communities

The Faculty now works to remain at the cutting-edge of scientific discovery while promoting a holistic understanding of the cultural and social contexts of technological solutions. Part of this understanding rests on forging networks abroad.

International reciprocal relations began with Dean Ford’s work with BUET, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. Our Faculty continues to foster national and international connections through student and faculty exchanges, co-operative research, and admissions of international graduates and undergraduates.

The Faculty and departments have memoranda of understanding with École Polytechnique of Montreal domestically – and abroad at technical universities in Aachen and Freiberg, the latter of which has resulted in several student exchanges and professor visits; at the University of Twente’s Institute for Nanotechnology in the Netherlands; the National University of Mexico; the Mexican Petroleum Institute; Tech de Monterrey; Shandong University in China; and Kyushu University, Japan. The Department of Mechanical Engineering also has co-operative connections with the University of Hannover.