• Engineering Partnerships
    Our Faculty works with partners in industry, government, and professional organizations like the Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists, and Geophysicists of Alberta.

    Industry and Government

    Partners in the private and public sector help mentor our students.

    Engineering Co-op students take on full-time paid engineering positions, applying the knowledge they’ve learned in the classroom to real-world problems with employment partners across Canada and around the world.

    Leading-edge teaching and research. Partners in industry and government support leading-edge teaching and research through the establishment of professorships and research chairs.


    Our family of alumni plays an active role in helping to educate the next generation of engineers, through financial support for classrooms, labs, research centres, chairs and professorships; and sharing their expertise with students by participating in projects such as student design courses.

    Community outreach. Industry and alumni supporters help the Faculty’s community outreach initiatives like DiscoverE engineering and science camps. In 2012, DiscoverE reached nearly 23,000 children and youths through in-class workshops, camps, video conferences and events in more than 70 communities across Alberta and the Northwest Territories.


    Donors play a pivotal role in education and research. Our supporters ensure that students and professors have access to be best facilities and resource available for teaching, learning, and research.

    Support teaching. The TW Fraser and Shirley Russell Teaching Fellowship provides a graduate student with a full-time teaching mentor every semester.

    Leading-edge teaching and research. Donors also help to support leading-edge teaching and research through the establishment of professorships and research chairs.

    Educational Institutes

    The Faculty of Engineering and the U of A have established formal exchange agreements with schools around the world, providing our students with opportunities to add valuable international experiences to their education.
  • Industry and Community Partnerships

    Partnerships between the Faculty of Engineering, industry, and engineering professionals enrich the learning and research programs within the Faculty. They also have far-reaching impacts. By supporting a research chair in the Faculty, for example, new knowledge is passed on to industry to improve standards and practices; other activities such as mentorships enhance student experiences, and ultimately strengthen the engineering profession.

    Engineering firms and industrial partners are involved in the Faculty through:

    Hiring Co-op students

    Presenting design challenges to students and adjudicating student capstone projects

    Providing financial and in-kind support for collaborative research activities

    Recruiting engineering students at career fairs

    Mentoring activities such as skills seminars and first-year night events

    Our industry partners play a vital role in advancing research and education in the Faculty of Engineering. Gifts from industry can help establish scholarships or research chairs in association with national and international peer-reviewed funding agencies. These partnerships support 16 NSERC Industrial Research Chairs and 11 endowed chairs and professorships, greatly increasing the Faculty's teaching and research capacity.

    Fuelling innovation

    Examples of these successful partnerships abound. Industry partners have made major contributions to establish 16 Industrial Research Chairs in collaboration with the university and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC). The faculty also participates in national and international partnerships such as the Helmholtz-Alberta Initiatve and the Future Energy Systems initiative. Other partnerships between industry and the faculty focus on areas as diverse as electrical power grid systems, masonry, and welding and joining.

    Impact on Campus and Beyond 

    Support from individuals, industry, and the engineering profession in capstone design courses, and financial support for engineering design projects give our students more opportunities to apply their knowledge through hands-on projects; and support from both industry and individual donors helps provide Engineering students with student study space, labs, and common areas.

    Support for the Faculty of Engineering can also have an impact on the greater community. Donations from our industry partners to DiscoverE, a student-delivered initiative of the Faculty of Engineering with a focus on fun, accessibility and mentorship, means children who might not otherwise participate in these programs are able to experience the excitement of engineering, science and technology.