Chemical + Materials Engineering



New Student/Staff Safety Seminar

The department offers a general safety orientation for new students and researchers. This seminar is required for all students, postdoc fellows, research assistants, and technicians who have access (i.e., keys) to the Chemical and Materials Engineering Building (CME). Seminars are offered in January, May, and September. Please contact Shaofeng Yang ( if you missed this seminar.

The next Safety Seminar will be on: 

Thursday, May 02 from 10:00-11:00am

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Meeting ID: 986 0471 8315
Passcode: 563374

*Cameras are required to be on during this session.


Online Safety Training Courses

In order to work in a CME lab, you need to take the following online safety courses:


Laboratory Specific Training

The lab-specific safety training will be offered by the principal investigator (PI) of the research project (or his/her designated personnel). This training should be documented by using the  lab specific training checklist and cover the following:

  • General safety information of the lab
  • PPE requirement/policy
  • Laboratory emergency response plan
  • Locations of safety equipment (fire alarm pull station, eyewash station, safety shower, spill kit, first aid kit)
  • Working alone protocol
  • Waste (chemical, biological, glass) storage and disposal procedures
  • WHMIS - lab-specific / SDS location
  • Safe operating procedures for the lab/project
  • Training in equipment/instrument

Note: A training record for every equipment/instrument (that is signed off by both the trainer and trainee) should also be maintained.


Laboratory key request

After you have completed the required safety training, you can submit a key request in order to obtain your lab keys.
Please make sure that you have completed all the required safety training listed above and provided your supervisor or PI with the certificates so they can approve your request.
*Please note: A $50.00 cash deposit is required the first time you sign out a key.