Nanomaterials & Nanofabrication

Nanomaterials and Nanofabrication involves the application of materials science and engineering at the nanoscale. It includes areas of study such as nanofabrication, biomedicine, and molecular self-assembly. Our nanotech researchers have access to the National Research Council of Canada's Nanotechnology Research Centre, one of the world's most technologically advanced research facilities, which houses ultra quiet laboratory space - the quietest such space in Canada. Their extensive facilities include nanofabrication capabilities and the Hitachi Electron Microscopy Products Development Centre.

Sample Research

Protein motors are found throughout nature, in the muscle fibres of larger animals and in the flagella of single-celled organisms. These proteins carry out cyclic interactions with filaments, generating force and movement. These motors would be useful as engines to drive bio-filaments such as microtubules (as a medium) for power transfer in future bio-nanodevices. To use them effectively, however, more needs to be learned about the behaviour of biofilaments in relation to each other. Dr. Dong Yang Li is using computer simulation studies to investigate the properties of microtubules - how they join, interact and self-organize.