Oil Sands & Energy

Oil Sands and Energy is a wide ranging research area including extraction and upgrading of oil sands, transport, waste management, clean coal technologies, fuel cells and more. Since we are located in Alberta, home of the largest oil sands recovery operations in the world, our department is home to many world experts in the field. Many of our faculty members are investigators with the Imperial Oil-Alberta Ingenuity Centre for Oil Sands Innovation, a centre unique in the world for its focus on cleaner oil sands technology. That doesn't stop us from investigating alternate energy sources as well, including hydrogen fuel cells and algal bioreactors.

Sample Research

Drs. Zhenghe Xu and Steven Kuznicki have collaborated to develop a new cleaner-coal technology, a nanoengineered form of magnetized silver zeolite that attracts and sequesters vaporized mercury from coal-fired power plant emissions.

Oilsands Research chemical diagram

Flow diagram illustrating creation of the magnetized silver zeolite composite.