Process Control

Process Control examines dynamic systems, and manipulates those systems to provide desired outcomes. Throughout the manufacturing, forestry and energy sectors, process control experts provide systems that work efficiently, effectively and safely.

Process dynamics and computer control have been a major focal point for departmental teaching and research programs for over three decades. The undergraduate and graduate degree programs in Process Control are unique to the University of Alberta. The process control group has received international recognition for developing advanced new technology, extending and integrating it into a form that can be used effectively by industry, and teaching these advanced concepts at all levels.

Sample Research

Graduate student Deng Hua in Chemical and Materials Engineering at the University of Alberta, under the supervision of Drs. Barry Wiskel, Hani Henein and Amos Ben-Zvi, developed a no-contact 3D imaging process, which provides information on the strain history of pipe while it is being formed. This information can be used to determine areas of potential weakness in the pipe. Processes can then be changed to create a more uniform pipe, reducing the risk of failure.

Pipe Strain 3d Diagram

Sample image created using the 3D imaging process