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From the University's annual Alumni Weekend to receptions across the country, Engineering Alumni Events bring together alumni and current members of the Faculty.

Featured Event - Calgary - October 18, 2018

It Takes a Team – Developing Unity in Crisis

Engineers can encounter emergencies at any point in their career, and having the right leadership skills in place can be what gets a team through it. That's why the Faculty of Engineering wants to invite our community to a special presentation by one of our province's most recognizable leaders, Chief Darby Allen (Ret.).

Allen led Canada’s largest evacuation of 88,000 residents during the 2016 catastrophic wildfires in Fort McMurray, and his talk will recount his experience during the evacuation, while weaving in themes of leadership and the importance of having a cohesive team.

Allen's keynote presentation will be followed by a casual conversation about the importance of mentorship, community, and leading with compassion. Attendees will also get to hear from our AlbertaSat team and the design of their second satellite, with a mission to monitor and predict wildfires.

Entrance to HudsonOctober 18, 2018
5:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Hudson Event Space, 200 8 Ave SW, 6th floor, Calgary, AB T2P 1B5
(located directly across from the Palace Theatre, entrance off of Stephen’s Avenue)
Tickets - $10.00

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All ticket proceeds go to the ENG Fund, an endowment fund that supports engineering students now and forever.

If you are interested in purchasing multiple tickets for a group, please contact or 780-492-4114.