Thank you to all who attended the Faculty of Engineering Young Alumni Council's third EnggTALK, a speakers series focused on hearing from our young engineering alumni who are doing really great things. This was just one of many amazing events that took place during our 2019 Alumni Weekend!

EnggTALK #3 featured presentations about the diverse ways engineering impacts our community and was an opportunity for young engineers to get together, network and talk about the things important to them - like community.

View our EnggTALK#3 Photo Album.


Scott LaBuick - The Metropolis Mindset: Engineering Projects for the People

Wayne Gong - Walk. Bike. Live.

Josh Bornia - Engineering & Community Wellbeing: Looking Beyond the Math

Pablo Orozco: City Plan: Building the Future city

And an interactive artwork piece with local artist AJA Louden!