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There are many ways you can stay in touch, and many degrees of connection you can maintain with your school, classmates, students and professors. The best way to keep in touch is to make sure we have your present contact information. Privacy rules are respected – we protect your information.

Update Your Address

If you’re moving, make sure you include us in your “new address” notifications. Fill out the Online form or give us a call at (780) 248-1673 and we’d be happy to update your contact information in the university-wide alumni database. One call does it all!

If you’re not receiving your U of A Engineer magazine, New Trail magazine, annual Engineering wall calendar, or invitations to Engineering events – and would like to change that – contact us at or (780) 248-1673.

Wall Calendar

We hope you're enjoying the 2018 Faculty of Engineering wall calendar and the creative talents of our alumni photographers.

To help us keep costs down for both production and returned mail, we would like to know whether you would like to keep receiving this calendar. To do so:

  • Send an e-mail to with either the word “RECEIVE” or “CANCEL” in the subject line.
  • In the body of the e-mail, please include your name, current mailing address, and program and year of graduation (e.g., Civil 1975).
  • If you care to share the reasons for your choice, we would value your feedback!

If you have questions regarding receiving the calendar or other mail from the Faculty of Engineering, please contact the Engineering Office of Advancement at (780) 248-1673 or e-mail

If you'd like to submit your own photos for consideration for the 2019 calendar, contact Richard Cairney at or 780.492.4514 for instructions on how to do so. Send us photos of pretty much anything that catches your eye and explain how it relates to engineering in a direct or abstract way. Deadline for submissions is May 1, 2018.

U of A Engineer Magazine

U of A Engineer is your connection to what alumni are doing and what’s happening in your faculty. Published in the Spring and Fall, with a special Alumni Weekend Update issue in the Summer, U of A Engineer has stories of interest and information you need. Take a few minutes to browse through the current and past issues of U of A Engineer.