Are you a professional in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) field? Have you graduated and are looking to give back? Or are you currently in an undergraduate program, and want to share your excitement in all things engineering and science as a presenter? Become a mentor and inspire our campers and students to pursue careers in STEM fields.

Mentoring with DiscoverE is a very flexible process, with the mentor committing the amount of time they have available to visit our campers during the summer months. There are three general levels of mentorship opportunity, with each requiring progressively more commitment and prior planning on the part of the mentor.

Generally our mentors will visit a camp for 1-2 hours per week, and may visit during multiple weeks if they are available. The mentor generally is given the option to choose the camp they would like to mentor, but sometimes the mentor is scheduled by recommendation from the Club, Curriculum & Special Events Coordinator. The levels of mentoring are as follows:

Levels of Mentoring

  • Level 1: This level of mentoring requires the least amount of commitment. Mentors that sign up for this level of commitment generally will come in to work on, and help campers with projects that are already running during the camp day. We try to schedule the mentors so that the projects running that day suit their interests and the work that they do. In addition to helping with the scheduled projects in the camp, mentors will often provide a brief description of themselves and the work they do in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) related field on an informal level (conversational - no formal presentation is required).
  • Level 2: This level of mentoring requires a moderate amount of commitment. Mentors that sign up for this level of commitment will usually create and implement a formal presentation about themselves, the work they do in a STEM related field, and interesting information about their current research or what’s going on in their field of study. This formal presentation may take the form of a Google Slides or Powerpoint presentation, or any other formal means of presentation. In addition to a presentation, these mentors will often bring in a demonstration of their work for participants to interact with or see. If applicable, mentors in this level will also potentially offer campers a tour of their facility or lab on campus.
  • Level 3: This level of mentoring requires the most amount of commitment. Similar to mentors in the level 2 commitment bracket, these mentors will usually create and implement a formal presentation about themselves and the work they do in a STEM related field. In addition to this, they will create, implement, and facilitate a hands on project of their own creation during their visit. If applicable, these mentors may also offer campers a tour of their facility or lab on campus, and may even facilitate an activity in their lab space (ie. participants extracting DNA, or doing a gram stain).

While these levels provide a general outline of what our mentors will do during their visit, we are open to any combination of commitment and are flexible to meet our mentors’ needs. DiscoverE will provide the materials needed to complete projects planned by mentors, will book a space/room when needed to accommodate the mentor’s needs, and provide AV equipment for presentations. The ability for DiscoverE to provide materials and space relies on a combination of cost and accessibility of the materials. Availability of these materials are discussed on a case by case basis.

Our mentors come from diverse backgrounds, including:

  • Indigenous Elders
  • Undergraduate students from across campus, including Engineering, Medicine, Computer Science, and Biology etc.
  • Graduate students from Engineering, Physics, Pharmacy, and Earth and Atmospheric Sciences.
  • Professors from Engineering, Biology, Computer Science, and Mathematics
  • Employees from APEGA, Alberta Health Services, Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, National Institute of Nanotechnology, Exciton Technologies Inc, IBM, Shell, Diavik Mines, Syncrude, Apple, Google, Canada Space Agency and the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

How Mentors feel about their experience?

  • "My favorite part was seeing how excited and enthusiastic the campers were about science and engineering. They had some great questions and were really attentive. It's always a pleasure working with individuals who are interested in what you are presenting about."
  • "I really enjoyed working with the groups on a project. Their enthusiasm and insights were truly something to behold."
  • "I always love to get kids excited about future possibilities. It gives them a sense of hope and wonder."

Considering Mentoring?

If you’re interested in mentoring, please contact our office.

(780) 492 8779