Workshop Topics


Shapes and Senses

Students will learn how to observe the world around then by looking for shapes and using their senses- just like a scientist or engineer!
Take home: robot puppet

Grades 1-3:

Tiny Tech

Students will dive into the exciting world of computers and programming without requiring a computer lab.
Take home: paper model of parts of a laptop

Grade 1:

Learning to Build

This workshop highlights breaking objects down into basic shapes and analyzing the purpose of each part.
Take home: catapult

Needs of Animals and Plants

This workshop highlights the difference between domesticated and wild animals as well as the requirements for plants and animals to maintain life.
Take home: self-watering bean plant

Grade 2:

Boats and Buoyancy

Students will analyze the buoyancy of different objects as explore how to make non-floating objects float.
Engineering challenge: popsicle stick boat that holds a certain weight

Small Crawling and Flying Animals

Students will explore the differences between insects and non-insects, looking at the different types and different techniques used by these animals.
Take home: small crawling or flying animal model

Grade 3:


This workshop highlights vibrations, volume, pitch, the difference between sound travelling through solids, liquids, and gases, and how the humans hear sound.
Take home: popsicle stick kazoo

Structures and Design

This workshop highlights the pros and cons of various building materials, strong shapes, and the design and purpose of different types of bridges.
Engineering challenge: popsicle stick bridge that spans a certain distance

Grade 4:

Light and Shadows

Students will explore the difference between luminous and non-luminous objects, shadows, colour, and reflection.
Take home: periscope

Simple Machines

Students will dive into the world of engineering by looking at wedges, inclined planes, screws, levers, wheels and axles, and pulleys.
Engineering challenge: creating simple machines with K'nex

Grade 5:

Classroom Chemistry

This workshop explores states of matter, physical and chemical changes of materials, and signs of a chemical reaction.
Experiment: baking soda and calcium chloride chemical reaction


This workshop highlights static and current electricity, conductors, insulators, resistors, and circuits.
Take home: conductivity testing circuit

Grade 6:

Evidence & Investigation

Students will solve a mystery by analyzing fingerprints, ink (chromatography), handwriting, and footprints.
Mystery: who is the owner of the winning lottery ticket?


Students will explore air pressure, Bernoulli's principle, and how planes fly.
Take home: paper glider

Sky Science

This workshop highlights the sun and how its light is seen on Earth, the moon and its phases, and stars and their constellation groups.
Take home: planisphere

Grades 7-12:


Students will solder their own circuit board and learn about various components of a circuit. A more advanced circuit board is available for the older grades.
Take home: small circuit board

Grade 7:

Heat and Temperature

This workshop explores the particle model of matter, change of state, thermal energy, temperature, and heat transfer.
Engineering challenge: design and build a thermos that retains heat

Grade 8:

Light & Optical Systems

Students will explore reflection, refraction, mirrors, and optical devices.
Take home: spectroscope